Thursday, March 12, 2020


This happened a few months ago, but I've only just seen the report.  I found myself wincing as I watched, and crossing my legs, too!

I'm glad he's recovered from his injury. I had to laugh at the young man's comment that he'd never been closer to his father than when he stitched up the injury!



Old NFO said...

Owie!!! That literally left a mark!

Roy said...

That hurt just to watch.

I'm glad he recovered okay.

Tregonsee said...

Dang that had to be unpleasant. In my youth I was working on my bike and had released the brakes so I could pull the wheels to check things on Saturday. got called for dinner and didn't undo the releases. Got up the next and headed off to choir practice. Got about halfway down our ~150' tall hill and realized no brakes. In addition there was oncoming traffic on US Rt 1 with which our road formed a T. I managed to miss the traffic, but in doing so couldn't negotiate the turn and hit the curb on the other side. Woke up in a field across the street having gone over the handlebar and nearly having left the family jewels on the post for the handlebars. No tears or cuts like that poor kid but man what a bruise. That afternoon was youth group and we were going to the just opened Mystic Aquarium. I was intent on going as 1) Aquarium seem really cool in mid 70's 2) There were at least 2 different young ladies I was fascinated with in the youth group. I will note that such an injury will not dim the ardor of even a 15 year old male :-).