Monday, September 26, 2022

Memes that made me laugh 127


Gathered around the Internet over the past week.  Click any image for a larger view.

More next week.



JaimeInTexas said...

I also think the snakes are having a bit of fun on the beach.

On the other hand, that shark probably got on the beach, missing the lower half, because a salty had it for a snack ... what happened to the photographer?

Magson said...

Isn't that kitten on a plate of rice? Those don't quite look like mashed taters to me.

Andrew Smith said...

@Magson I think that's how the kitten got to be named potatoes. :-)

TheAxe said...

The Obi Wan Perogi came up on the MHI facebook group a bit ago and they tracked it down it's a real place in canada.