Thursday, September 1, 2022

Ask Philadelphia grave-diggers about crime figures...


This brief report caught my eye yesterday.  It encapsulates what we've been discussing over the past couple of weeks in articles such as these:

The amoral violence and blind outrage is mind-boggling

Updating and revising our approach to self-defense

Just in case you weren't listening earlier...

It looks like the after-effects of crime are being felt rather grimly in Philadelphia.

How's that situation in your cities, friends?  I'm sure this isn't just a problem for Philadelphia.  If you have more information, please let us know in Comments.



Carteach said...

How is it going in Philly? The man speaking in this video is reported as doing 6 years for a firearms violation. Under the current Philly DA, he wouldn't have done any time at all. THAT'S how it's going, and that's why he spends so much time at the cemetery now.

MNW said...

Krazner is a Soros DA through and through. A good chunk of the office left after he was elected.

I watched Philly improve through the 90s and 00s and go to crap in the last 10.

E M Johnson said...

boy, thats a shame losing so many promising scientists and doctors...

Night driver said...

Peter, y'all know more folks than I do. I hope you could share this about, perhaps
This was written as an answer to a query by someone you know (perhaps) as Lee Lapin though I know him as dozdoats. He spent about the 10-15 of the last 20 years as the head librarian at the USSF Schoolhouse, and taught some classes there.

Perhaps you could share this about?? --==::==-->

Doz, CLOSE but no declaration of war (though it would have fit in Paris or Berlin in about '37-'38-or EARLY '39.
What he DID was lay the WHOLE foundation for imprisoning all of the folks who consider MAGA or being "Deplorables" as GOOD.
If I were plotting the movie, I'd give this a few days to settle, get someone in a red MAGA hat to drop a grenade in the center of Grand Central Station, and run off a few mags of .556.
Then pick 3-4 major transportation hubs for PASSENGERS and every 4th or 5th day blow one up.

This gets you to the end of Sept and gets another speech making MAGA and republicans WORSE than 1939 Jews.
And 1-2-3 Oct the declaration of non-personhood and the roundups.

Because understand we are dealing with a slow-burn Kristallnacht in the Blogosphere right now.

3 and a half weeks from now you won't recognize this country. Someone thinks that niggers have been shoved down in the last years will be SHOCKED at how depraved and terrifying MAGAs will be by the end of Sept.

You taught this for a living so you know PRECISELY how this plays out.

Night driver said...

Uhh sorry, you would have known him from The High Road...