Tuesday, October 3, 2023

My wife's latest book is published!


My wife Dorothy's new science fiction novel, "Dust Of The Ocean", has just been published.  It's currently available in e-book format, and a print edition is imminent as soon as it completes Amazon's pre-print processing, which is currently in hand.

The blurb reads:

In the ruins of an ancient alien city, a half-alien slave's act of mercy will change the course of a cold war.

When Mika saves Arkady, a wounded enemy soldier, he offers her a path to freedom. All it will take is finding a hidden artifact that may alter the course of an interstellar conflict…

But the path there will plunge their team into the depths of inhuman nightmares, battling ancient bioweapons and outwitting her former owners. It's going to take everything they have just to survive, much less escape with their prize!

This is Dorothy's longest work to date, at just under 100,000 words.  It's a stand-alone novel, but is set in the same fictional universe as her earlier "Shattered Under Midnight".  I did a lot of the editing and pre-publication work on her new book, and enjoyed it very much.  I hope you will too.

My next two books are in the works, and should be out within a few months, God and the host of hassles I'm fighting at the moment permitting!  Yes, this is my circus and those are my monkeys, and I'm trying to figure out a way to euthanize as many of them as possible!  I think I need a few weeks with 48-hour days and no need for sleep, just to get on top of the mess.  Life may not be fun at the moment, but it's definitely not boring!



DaveS said...

I’ve enjoyed every one of your wife’s books and expect that I’ll like this new one at least as much. She’s a wonderful storyteller!

Bob C. said...

Ditto. Yours are also excellent. Now get to work! :-)