Friday, April 5, 2024

An official Twitter feed that's worth a visit - and a laugh


If you've never come across it before, the National Park Service's Twitter feed is worth reading for the humor alone.  Whoever runs it has a snarky mind that's right up my street.  Examples:

Did you know if you hold an ermine up to your ear, you can hear what it’s like to be attacked by an ermine?

Hike in groups. Bears like to have options.

Always hike with proper supplies and equipment. Remember, flippy floppies may lead to slippy sloppies.

One day you’ll find someone obsessed with you. It’s probably going to be a squirrel.

Just remember, jumping on a bison and yelling “yip yip” will not make it fly. But you will.

The best way to stay safe around wildlife is give them room to move. Do not feed, touch, tease, frighten, or intentionally disturb wildlife. Remember that wildlife in parks are wild and like your ex, can be unpredictable when they’re disturbed or surprised.

There are many more at the link.  Enjoy!



The Other Andrew B said...

My first real job out of college was as a National Park Ranger. Best job--and worst career--I ever had. That being said, this new, "wacky" National Park Service is...unexpected. The old NPS was NOT wacky. In fact, it was the complete antithesis of wacky. I was once spotted by a higher up when I was browsing in a fly fishing shop while in uniform (on my lunch break) and got a harsh dressing down. Like I say, not wacky.

Anonymous said...

no twit so can't read them...

Miguel GFZ said...

"Ducks cheat"

Yup... I am following them now.

Anonymous said...

Different field but -

“The Word Wizard, J.K. Rowling, Destroys Biological Absurdity in One Hilarious Tweet”

Actually a string of them