Monday, April 22, 2024

Memes that made me laugh 206


Gathered from around the Internet over the past week.  Click any image for a larger view.

This last one isn't funny so much as soberingly true.  As such, I figured it was worth sharing today.

True dat.  Don't let them succeed!

More next week.



Greg said...

RE: Redneck Minefield. Oregon has a statute that forbids a hitch in the receiver unless towing. Probably because some Karen in Salem barked her shin on one. Although good luck trying to enforce that. One story has a guy written up for it when the cop couldn't find anything else on him. He took it to court, and the judge looked at the citation, looked at the cop and said "You want to go out in the parking lot and write me up too? Case dismissed"

Judy said...

Greg - We have a class 4 hitch on our truck and the anti-thief lock is rusted. Without a grinder it isn't coming off. Believe me, it takes barking your shins to a whole new level.

Mikey said...

I always take my hitch out when not towing. It's not out of consideration for my fellow man. I'm afraid it's just rational self interest. You see, I walk around the back of my truck to get in it in the garage. The person most likely to bang his shin on the the hitch is me.