Monday, April 1, 2024

Fish out of water


Several readers sent me the link to this blog post by Bonnie B. Matheson.

There is a story about a teacher who took a live fish out of its bowl of water, and then left it on the desk. The teacher told the children they would be expelled if anyone left their seat. Then he left the room. The poor fish gasped and twisted with a classroom of children watching, as it flopped around…All of the children sat and watched as the fish struggled, gasping for life, wanting to be back in the water. All the children sat in horror at what they saw, not wanting to get up to avoid getting in trouble. Finally, a girl sprang up from her seat, ran to the fish, and placed it back in the bowl. Ultimately, she was the only one who refused to watch the fish die.

When the teacher returned to the classroom, he told his class that this was a lesson. He told them that the fear of getting in trouble should never stop you from doing what is right. He said that sometimes you may have to oppose authority and “groupthink” simply because it’s the right thing to do.

I think of this often.

Do you understand what has happened in the last four years? Have you followed what has happened since? Whatever freedoms we had left have almost all been eliminated since the entire world seemed to lose its mind over a virus. “Give me liberty or give me death!” applies to viruses as well as the American Revolution.

. . .

Goldfish were flopping all over the place. People lost their businesses because they were shut down. People lost their houses because they could not pay the mortgage. Battered wives were locked in small apartments with their abusers because of the government mandates. Sometimes, these women were not only protecting themselves but also their small children. Children lost two years of schooling at a time when schools are barely teaching them to read in the first place. Babies lost the innate ability to recognize facial expressions. Seeing people only in masks was detrimental to their early development. We won’t know for years how much damage was done. But we do know it was lethal to many. Suicide was way up.

Finding a positive note on which to end this blog post is hard. The future is not bleak; it is exciting. But there are going to be some unpleasant times ahead for us. The world is careening towards war, and that war may be devastating. If I do not survive it, I hope some of my descendants may remember my spirit and desire to question authority and think outside the box.

There's more at the link.

The truly tragic and terrifying thing is that so many of our fellow countrymen are willing to be ideologically-motivated oppressors rather than constitutionally-minded citizens.  When Patrick Henry declaimed "Give me liberty, or give me death!", I'm sure he didn't suspect that some of his fellow legislators might be more inclined towards the latter option than the former.  Today, he wouldn't just suspect it;  he'd be absolutely sure of it, because they would already have made their choice clear.

I've said many times in these pages that I don't think our forthcoming Presidential elections will solve anything, because the progressive left is bound and determined to make sure they win and the rest of us lose.  They're being quite blatant about it, too.  Consider these headlines over the past week:

Go read them all.  There's no excuse for not knowing what's going on to manipulate the 2024 elections.  It's in plain sight and on public display.

Those of us who still believe in constitutional government, ethical and moral conduct, the existence of the Divine (by whatever name we know Him/Her/It/Them), and so on, are all of us fish out of water in this society.  We either bring back the water we need to breathe again, or we perish.

Pray - and work - for splash!



Landroll said...

Splash - WAIT. If you know, you know.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that large parts of the country ignored the Covidiocy. Once outside of big cities (which is usually all the media and talking heads care about), things were far better.
Over a dozen states had no mask mandate, and many that did put no teeth in it. What most people don't know is that some states never closed school either.

Anonymous said...

We are passed the point where voting matters.
Don't get me wrong, you can vote and 'make your statement', but it won't change the people in power nor the trajectory we are on.
When enough people realize that and start loading magazines.. I mean, picking up the fish, nothing will change.
People need to be prepared to having November's election stolen, AGAIN, and decide if they will once again do nothing, or if they have the fortitude for what will have to happen next.

B said...

So, Peter, whatcha gonna do?

You gonna man the barricades? Putting the fish back is one thing, but to fix this yer gonna have to vote from the rooftops.
Will you? Are you willing to shoot first?
Not targeting you's a question each and every one of us needs to decide for ourselves. At what point do you stand and say "No!" and how much violence are you willing to perpetrate to make sure it stops?

Tree Mike said...

B, good points, this should be what we work into "casual" conversations.
Peter, lots of us out here in flyover country (I'm from San Diego Co., Ca., 65 years, so I have blue area experience) see the last election as a typical Commie "you can vote 'em in, butcha can't vote 'em out" exercise.
Translation: Too late to vote 'em out, too early to choot 'em." I hope you're correct and I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hello, provocateur. Please go away now.

Anonymous said...

Cruelty to animals AND psychological abuse of the children under her care.

This teacher should be punished.