Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bachelor heaven

I predict that bachelors and parents of young children all over the world will be celebrating mightily before long. According to the Daily Mail:

Scientists have developed a coating that enables fabric to clean itself, breaking down dirt and stains when exposed to sunlight.

Suitable for use on cotton, silk, wool and other natural fibers, the self-cleaning coating could be used to create sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases which never need to be washed.

Its ability to dissolve hard-to-remove food stains could also herald the end of the early-morning dash to the dry cleaners with a wine-stained silk tie or a coffee-splattered woolen skirt.

Apparently all one has to do is hang the dirty article out in the sunlight and in a few hours the stain is gone.

Speaking as a former pastor, I wonder whether something like this could be developed to remove stains from souls? Might save a lot of work in the confessional!



Denise said...

Come now, sir, surely you are aware that "son light" will cleanse even the filthiest soul!

Strings said...

Nice Denise!

And Peter, can you imagine the construction costs for "clotheslines" to hang people out to "sun clean" like this? Especially those most guilty of the sin of Gluttony... ;)

Love the blog, bro!

Tony said...

Fabric that is cleaned by sunlight? Why, I'm sure that will be a great thing - for those who live somewhere where there is sunlight all around the year!

(I really shouldn't complain though. I even saw a little bit of bright light today. It could be worse. Not much worse, mind you, but it could be a little bit worse. :p )