Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Neat gadget!

Now and again I come across something so neat, so well-thought-out, that I slap my head in exasperation and exclaim, "Now why didn't I think of that?"

I've just had to do that again.

An Australian company has come up with the neatest portable "tripod" idea for a small camera that I've ever seen.

A reviewer describes it as follows:

The FOZI Tripod is a tiny fold-up camera stand that makes it easy to ensure you're always in the picture. It is brilliant in its simplicity - basically a thin piece of polypropylene plastic, the size of a credit card, it folds out into three sections. The ends slot into each other to create a sturdy, triangular stand on which you rest your compact camera or mobile phone.

. . .

You can also use it as a stand for watching video or slideshows on cameras or media players such as the iPod Touch.

The FOZI will fit in most wallets, purses or camera cases. It's available in six different colours, or you can buy a five-pack of assorted colours. Cheap, simple and functional - the FOZI gets a tick in every box.

I couldn't agree more! Whoever thought this up is a genius of creativity. You can even turn it upside down and use it as a camera stand for macro-photography!

See the company's Web site here for more information. It costs about $8.50 in US dollars to order it from Australia (including S&H). I'm going to be ordering several - and no, I get no commission on this recommendation, I just like a really neat and useful gadget.


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Harrison said...

Hmmmm... Ever see one of those acrylic decorative plate holders? The come in all sizes--includin' extra small. I'd check out my local everything-for-a-dollar store before spendin' anything on this gadget. But it is a clever adaption.