Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The motorcycle from Hell

I love this!

The Daily Mail reports that an Australian inventor has come up with the ultimate motorcycle. It's almost ten feet tall, close to thirty feet long and weighs as much as ten family cars!

Its tires come from a Caterpillar mining truck and stand taller than a man. It has a diesel engine and double chain drive to either side of the rear wheel.

Best of all, from the perspective of motorcycle riders who're fed up with car drivers failing to see them and ramming into them - this bike crushes cars!

Here's a video of it in action.

The largest bike I ever owned was a BMW R100RT, which I'd always thought was more than enough for me:

However, I might be persuaded to come out of motorcycling retirement to have a go on this beast! Wonder how it'd handle the Dragon?

(For those who've never heard of - or never run - the Dragon at Deal's Gap, here's a sampler.)



Anonymous said...

Turning may be a wee problem.

Peter said...

Yes, my comment about taking it up and down the Dragon was definitely in jest! I suspect this monster has all the handling characteristics of a well-made brick . . . :-)

Anonymous said...

For those of you unversed in motorcycling, the scraping sound heard during every curve of the deal's gap video was the driver's footpegs and assorted other hardware scraping the ground as he leaned.

When you're really into the twisties and your leaning for all your worth, that sound is the bike's way of telling you "ok...that's far enough"

Unknown said...

Anybody know if JR did the video?
I and my fellow Honda-F-bike fanatics collect form all over the country (& other countries) every year for the Honda Hoot. The Dragon is a necessary part of each get-together--although last time, due to bike problems, I had to do it in an '81 Caprice!

Unknown said...

Belay my last--that was "from", not "form"