Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Danes have their knickers in a twist over Ikea

It is to laugh . . .

Seems that certain Danish circles feel rather put-upon by Ikea, the Swedish furniture manufacturers.

Popular daily Nyhedsavisen led the charge on Valentine's Day with a front page headline accusing Ikea of "bullying" Denmark.

Why is it, the paper wondered, that Swedish and Norwegian place names are always associated with the shiniest, comfiest furnishings in the Ikea catalogue, while the names of Danish towns are reserved for doormats, rugs and carpets?

"It seems to be an example of cultural imperialism," Klaus Kjøller, Assistant Professor in Political Communication and the Danish Language at the University of Copenhagen, told The Local.

"Ikea has chosen the objects with the lowest value and given them Danish names," he added.

Oh, dear.

Well, dear Danes, look at it like this.

At least they didn't use Danish names for the bathroom range. What if you had Danish basins, bidets and - gasp! - toilets?


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phlegmfatale said...

But what about those cinnamon-roll danish thingies they sell at the exit of Ikea? Their comely aroma perfumes the entire register area, enticing shoppers to buy 6 for $4.99 on their way out the door? I actually succumbed once and indulged in one. And I'm with you - at least their namesake is not a toilet tissue holder.