Monday, February 25, 2008

Cold sleep

From England comes the story of a woman who's providing a hibernation home-from-home for 75 tortoises - in two refrigerators!

Mrs. Shirley Neely said that the refrigerated assistance was necessary because of an unusually mild winter. If the tortoises didn't hibernate properly, they wouldn't have enough energy to eat or drink and not enough body weight to keep warm on their own. She wraps them in towels (removed for the photograph above) and puts them away for three months.

Sounds good to me . . . but I hope that a hungry guest doesn't reach into the fridge and grab something to eat without looking carefully!

"My goodness, Shirley, your meat pies have gotten awfully crunchy lately!"


1 comment:

phlegmfatale said...

She must be a sucker for hard luck cases. It seems like it would be unsanitary for her food, though. Yuck.