Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another water bomber

A few weeks ago I put up footage of a Russian water-bombing aircraft extinguishing a house fire (and the fire brigade along with it!).  It seems that on July 30th, a Canadian water-bomber did a similar job.  CBCNews reports that "A water bomber was called to help put out a fire that erupted when a grader and a tractor trailer collided on the Trans-Labrador Highway Monday."  Here's the video.

Nice flying.  The driver of the truck will be OK.



Murphy's Law said...

Nice! I like the wind correction that he used to put it right on.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

That pilot knew what they were doing, this would be good for when those dangerous trains wreck.

John said...

Wasn't that a Catalina? Still working!

Peter said...

No, that was a CL-415:

AAcid said...

Gotta be loud when these guys walk by. All that clanking from big brass ones.

Saw a special where a Canadian waterbomber pilot was used to recreate the 617 squadron 'dam busting raid' One shot at 50ft by eye. Nailed it. Guys are damn good