Wednesday, August 14, 2013

OK, that's creepy!

I've never before heard of a snake biting itself!  The Daily Mail reports:

Creepy video shows the moment that a decapitated copperhead snake bites itself - thereby making 100 percent sure of its own death.

Huntsville, Alabama resident Sam Billiter posted the unusual video to his Facebook page on Monday inviting people to watch the snakes disconcerting reaction to its own body.

Finding the venomous snake in his woodpile outside his home, Billiter took the decision to kill it rather than run the risk of his wife, four-year-old boy or dog come to harm.

. . .

While it may seem freakish, many snakes still have reflexes hours after their death and some have been known to strike and kill even after they have technically died.

There's more at the link.  Here's the video clip.  Warning - if you're sensitive about such things, you might prefer not to watch this one.  Seriously.



Shane W said...

Umm... Yeah, creepy is a very fitting decription. Wow

Old NFO said...

Yep, they WILL strike at anything in the death throes, even themselves...

Titan Mk6B said...

I have heard that once you cut off the head you bury it. For that very reason.

Glen said...

When dealing with venomous snakes, keep in mind that in the US you will pay between $3k-$10 per vial for Cro-Fab. Typical would be 6 vials initially, followed by 6 more. In a heavy envenomation, perhaps several courses.

An ED visit for a snakebite is thus extremely expensive.

Once killed, used a shovel to remove the remains. Place the remains (or at least the biting parts) in a sealed bucket or can.

Just burying the head can be a risk for pets. Treatment for pets is cheaper than for humans, but still quite costly.

This is a case where the risk does not end once the critter is dead.

Rolf said...

Hmmmm... reminds me of certain members of various political parties.

Anonymous said...

I have always heard that a venomous snake when caught and mortally wounded will bite itself as a last act of defiance. Injecting it's venom into it's own tissue to poison anyone or anything that consumes it.

Peter B said...

Young crotalids will, IIUC, generally dump everything into one bite. Older ones are said to be able to be selective as to how much venom they inject.

Sounds like some people I know.