Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Christina and her daughter need your help, please

Christina LMT, who blogs at 'Lucrative Pain', has three lovely hellions daughters.  One of them, known in the blogosphere as Silver the Evil Chao (I have no idea why . . . ), has hit some problems with her university funding.  You can read all about it here.

Christina's put out her first-ever blog appeal for help for her daughter.  I know them both (Christina's one of our Blogorado crowd), and Miss D. and I have already kicked in our contribution.  May I appeal to you, dear readers, to help as well?  Silver's worth it, IMHO.

Many thanks in advance.



Old NFO said...


Anonymous said...

Ah the endless bureaucracy of colleges. I know it all to well. And all it would take to clear something like this up is a human with 2 or more brain cells and the authority to add an override and no one would be worse for the wear. Unfortunately, finding brain cells and authority in the same place on campus is like finding a unicorn in your garage.

Brigid said...


Anonymous said...

I gave my mite.


Christina LMT said...

Thank you very much, Peter. Both for the donation AND the link, it's much appreciated. :)