Thursday, October 17, 2013

Business names that are also puns

A tip o' the hat to reader A. M. for sending me the link to this article.  It lists 30 businesses with names that are also puns - some of them excruciatingly funny.  Here are a few examples.

There are many more at the link.  Great fun!



Jennifer said...

Sometimes, you've got to do it for the halibut.

Peter B said...

Used to be a landscape contractor out my way who called his business "Rakes Progress" (IIRC had been an underemployed English MS or PhD) and another one who billed himself as the "Marquis de Sod" which I guess is even worse if you're a Brit.

Anonymous said...

2 Louisiana businesses I remember are Minnow Pause bait shop in Golden Meadow and "Bayou Self" car wash.

R said...

Zillah is a community near Yakima, WA East of the Cascade Range where there are many orchards and vineyards. It is of course home to many congregations including the Church of God, Zillah. They seem to have a decent sense of humor though and a quick Google will show you their Godzilla sculpture.