Friday, August 29, 2014

A real-life Crispi critter!

Seems alcohol and bacon make a dangerous combination.

A [Utah] woman faces arson charges after police say she drunkenly started a fire in her ex-boyfriend's house ...

. . .

When officers arrived, they saw smoke billowing out the front door. Apparently, [Cameo Adawn] Crispi had placed a pound of bacon on a lit burner. In the home, officers discovered hot coals on the floor around an open wood stove and the burned bacon.

Charging documents say Crispi's blood-alcohol level was 0.346, four times the legal limit.

There's more at the link.

They should charge her with wasting valuable bacon while they're at it!



Rev. Paul said...

She burned the bacon? Oh, the horror!

That pound of bacon would have made a dandy BLT. :)

prairie gopher said...

think of how many bullets you could lube with that bacon grease!

Anonymous said...

From TFA: "... four times the legal limit."
Wait... the legal limit for what? Does Utah have a BAC limit for cooking?
Yeah, written by a professional journalist. Can't expect them to reflect on what their words mean. 'Cause that's just semantics.

Jselvy said...

She broke in and destroyed a pound of bacon?
That's a very special kind of drunk and crazy.

Home on the Range said...

The loss of the pound of bacon should definitely be "special circumstances".

Paul, Dammit! said...

My brother once inspired a kitchen remodel by passing out drunk on the kitchen table while cooking bacon at 2 am. The firemen were tickled at my father's tirade.

The kitchen did come out nice, though.

Our childhood family dentist confessed to doing the same thing at his home. I submit that this happens more than is commonly believed.