Sunday, July 5, 2015

With tongue firmly in cheek . . .

. . . Australian comedians Clark and Dawe explain the Greek economy.  The video dates from a few years ago, but it's no less meaningful (and funny!) for that.

And here's their take on the way forward for the European economy.

You'll find many more of their videos on their YouTube channel.  Recommended.



Eric Wilner said...

Aha! I'd seen their European Debt Crisis bit quite some time ago, and promptly forgotten their names.
Some truly excellent examination of the absurdities of the modern world.

Rolf said...

When comedians can tell the truth much more accurately and succinctly than the "real" news media, it's a sad commentary on the whole situation.

And thanks - very funny.

Joe in PNG said...

A few good ones from the "Scandinavia and the World" webcomic: