Sunday, April 10, 2016

A musical salute to Chinese-food-motivated SJW's

In a comment to my previous post on this matter, reader LittleRed1 asked:

Can we sneak onto campus with a sound truck and serenade them with "Cat's in the Kettle (at the Peking Moon)"?

No sooner said than done!

One of Weird Al Yankovic's finest parodies, IMHO.



Chris said...

Agreed. "Eat It!" is also hilarious.

dave said...

Perhaps a dramatic reading of Lawdog's encounter with his supervisor ( )?

Chris said...

That isn't actually Weird Al, it is Bob Rivers. Lots of people mistakenly assign authorship of pretty much any parody to him.


0007 said...

It was common knowledge when I was in Jubail, SA, that you never ate in a Chinese restaurant that didn't have cats running around outside and through the kitchen.