Saturday, April 23, 2016


Courtesy of Preachers and Horse Thieves, two pictures that had me laughing out loud.

There are more at the link.  Enjoy!



Jim said...

The dog meme is good. I've seen others like it. I really cracked up about the Lovecraft meme. I'm going to post that one myself and see how many others get it. Beware eating the pictured dish. Khal'kru thinks poorly of those consuming his relatives.

Home on the Range said...

The dog meme is Abby Normal the Lab, now asleep on the rug you see there in the picture. The meme concept is certainly not original but the photos and the montage of them were. Since it was on a private facebook page I have no idea where it spread from, but it's definitely Abby, always making us smile. Cheers!