Friday, July 8, 2016


Let us never forget Dallas, July 7th, 2016.  Be in no doubt that this was an urban terrorist attack, as surely as if it had been carried out by ISIL.  In this case, the race, religion, etc. of the attackers has very pointedly not been identified by the authorities, but it's quite obvious from the context what they must have been.  Hint:  They weren't white Swedish Lutherans.

May the souls of the five officers who died rest in peace.  May the injured officers recover fully.  May those who shot them suffer condign punishment, in this world and the next.

Richard Fernandez put it well:

The security system of America is trust, which manifests itself in legitimacy which in turn makes it possible to govern a huge nation largely on consent. The mistake was to believe it was possible to play the identity card endlessly, to set one against another, to destroy trust -- without consequences.

The public is suddenly face to face with the realization that the solid status quo is a fragile facade that might at any moment dissolve into something unrecognizable.  It's a veneer masking a crumbling structure. Donald and Hillary are not freaks. They are monsters from our Id. If any proof were needed that the discontent sweeping Europe and the United States is all too real, that the can has reached the end of the road, it may be provided in the next few weeks.

Dallas leaves the Narrative with no place to go. What'll it be? Withdraw the police from the streets? Crack down on the usual suspects? Announce this was the work of that Jayvee team, ISIS? Close the borders? Confiscate the guns? Call in the FBI?

Or maybe we can listen to another speech about how hatred is on its last legs? There's nowhere to turn without admitting failure. Or perhaps we can just change the subject and talk about the war on women and Christian hatred? What'll it be? It's always worked before, maybe it'll work again.

For once the Narrative will find this can't be spun, though it will try, this time in the growing realization that lies may only make it worse, as the former lies have worsened things till now. The roots of discontent run deep. The status quo has been living on borrowed money and borrowed truth. It is now living on borrowed time.


As for the inevitable calls to ban "assault weapons" that are sure to follow in the wake of this shooting - like hell!  If I've got to shoot back at attackers like that, I want to do so with a weapon that at least matches theirs, and gives me the best possible chance of prevailing!

Furthermore, I strongly and urgently suggest that Black Lives Matter and similar organizations should be very, very careful from now on about how, when and where they organize their protests.  Such events are now likely to be regarded as a target-rich environment by more than just extremists.  Almost the entire American public is outraged . . . and some of them are unlikely to hold back in their expression of that outrage.



Anonymous said...

"May the souls of the five officers who died rest in peace. May the injured officers recover fully."

And may God have mercy on the family and friends of the fallen, give them the strength to keep moving forward in these next few days.

harp1034 said...

I live in Dallas. I know exactly where all this went down. One civilian was also shot. She was one of the protesters. Wounded herself she used her body to cover her 12 year old son. She was shot in leg.
I worked for the City of Dallas for over 23 years and knew a lot of DPD officers and some transit officers too. I will check the names to see if I know any of them.

sdharms said...

I can be upset when an innocent person is shot (Castile) but I don't drag my kids out in the middle of the night to "protest" . Why do they?

Uncle Lar said...

I see with more than my usual level of disgust that our fearless leader immediately used this latest tragedy to promote his agenda of civilian disarmament. Standing there with a phalanx of secret service armed with military grade automatic weapons he never even hesitates to use the deaths of these brave law officers to lecture the world on how it's all the fault of our Second Amendment.
Six more months before we can all finally see that miserable piece of liberal progressive excrement thrown on the trash heap of history. The left controls most media and all of education so it will be up to us to teach our children and grandchildren what an abject failure this administration has been.

0007 said...

Anybody seen any mention of the possible race of the one shooter who didn't get away? No mention in the story in my local paper.

Anonymous said...

0007 said... Anybody seen any mention of the possible race of the one shooter who didn't get away? No mention in the story in my local paper.

No, and the silence is suspicious in my mind.

BigFire said...

Ferguson effect will go forth on any future 'BLM' protest. No cop will stick their neck out for people who calls for their demise. Welcome to your next riot, police will not be there.

Anonymous said...

Rather shocked by the comments and the article from this side of the pond. Truly the simple fact is that everybody has the right to protest when their community is under attack.
The problem in America is the lack of accountability to the law. From Hilary Clinton down to local Police Departments killing black people. I would think Peter with your experience in south Africa you would be more than aware that if you subjugate and keep killing one element of society eventually in will react. Maybe Black Lives Matter will become the force that peacefully (and lets not forget that the protest in Dallas was peaceful) change the fact. It appears from the UK that it is perfectly acceptable for Police Departments to kill black people at will with no response or consequence. If that is also not stopped then in the UK we are surprised it has taken this long before an armed response has occurred.
To then finish the comment that a fully peaceful organisation should be "careful" about holding demonstrations is very dangerous ground, arresting leaders of that organisation with for no apparent reason as per what occurred last night in Batton Rouge. Arresting a young mother walking in a dress up to a line of riot police holding a flower for no reason are the acts of a State of Terror such as China or the Soviet Union and I believe Federal Authorities in the US need to stop these local police fiefdoms from running out of control.
Remember to paraphrase/butcher a famous quote "first they came for the Black Lives Matters people, next they came for Black People, next they came for Hispanics and next they came for me, but nobody was left to stop them"

Peter said...

@Anonymous at 4:37 AM: Be careful of trusting news reports about this situation. In general, the mainstream media are not trustworthy in their reporting.