Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Safely home

We made a long one-day run from Clarksville, TN all the way to northern Texas yesterday, arriving home after fourteen hours on the road.  We were stiff, sore and tired, but glad to be back.  Miss D. and I (and Alma, who stayed here for the night) were met by an ecstatically purring cat, who was delighted to have her servants people home again.  It was good to relax in our own bed once more.  Hotels are all very well, and some of them are very comfortable, but I never sleep as well in their beds as I do in my own.

Now it's time to diet away the pounds we put on from road snacks and our visit to the City Café Diner in Chattanooga (always a highlight of our visits to that city).  I've got to buckle down and finish Maxwell Volume 5, which I hope to have out next month;  then I've got to write the third and final volume of the Laredo War trilogy, due out late this year.  There'll also be at least one medical procedure over the next few weeks to eat into my writing time.  I've got more than enough to keep me busy!

Blog posting will (hopefully) return to normal now, until the next interruption.



Rev. Paul said...

Glad y'all made it back. :)

Uncle Lar said...

A real pleasure to again speak with both you and your lovely wife.
Glad your long road trip was completed without incident.
Didn't you mention at the convention that you were also under contract for two more in the western series?
As the saying goes, the true reward for doing good work is always more work.