Tuesday, July 12, 2016

LibertyCon AAR - and book NOW for next year!

Fellow author Jeb Kinnison has blogged about his experience at LibertyCon here.  It's a fun read, and he mentions myself and Miss D. a couple of times, which was nice of him.  Here's a short excerpt.

One obvious difference at LibertyCon — it’s a Red Tribe con, meaning most attendees are in the liberty-loving, military-respecting, rural-BBQ-and-gun-loving population typical of the US away from the coastal urban enclaves. Since I grew up with those people and understand them well, I’m not frightened by guns, blades, military uniforms, seared meat, or the occasional less-than-sensitive remark.

In more Blue Tribe and progressive terrain, it is entirely possible for one intersectional-class person (say, a lesbian) to commit heinous offenses against another (say, a gay man) which will be a subject of endless commentary and second-guessing by an online community positively eager to defend the weak from slights they didn’t witness by people they don’t know. Many in the social justice headspace need rules and some daddy-authority to back them up over often-imagined sins — not that there aren’t real assholes around, but I encountered none in the homeland of the militaristic Baen Books-loving racist-sexist-homophobes (that’s a reference to a certain editor at Tor’s comments.)

There's more at the link.  That's not a bad description of LibertyCon.  The attendees are, almost to a man (and/or woman), good folks.

If you plan to attend LibertyCon next year (LibertyCon 30, or LibertyCon XXX in Roman numerals - and with John Ringo as guest of honor, it might be XXX indeed!), you need to make your reservation now, I repeat, NOW!!!  The Con is limited to a maximum of 750 guests, and as of this evening I understand the total is already close to (perhaps even over) 600!  We all had a great time this year, and I guess many attendees (including ourselves) have decided to make sure to be part of the fun next year.  If you haven't booked your place yet, you can do so here.  I'd say they'll be sold out within a few weeks from now, so don't delay!


EDITED TO ADD:  DaddyBear's report on LibertyCon is here.  He also had a good time.


Old NFO said...

Yep, fun was had, and y'all did GOOD!

Elizabeth said...


DaddyBear said...

I had an awesome time, and it was great to see you all. I'm already trying to lay out the book cover with that dagger!

SiGraybeard said...

WARNING - bad attack at John Ringo's web page DON'T CLICK ON THAT LINK

Peter said...

@SiGraybeard: I'm not getting any warnings from there. What are you seeing?

Anonymous said...

I got a brief look at Ringo's page, then a big warning with a voice message saying that my computer has a virus and my personal data maybe at risk and I need to call the phone number on the screen for help, as well as wanting me to log in to something to authenticate. I couldn't leave the warning page, and I had to force-quit Firefox to get rid of it. It listed a bunch of Microsoft OS specific stuff, or so it appeared, but I didn't hang around to read the warning page.


Peter said...

@LittleRed1: OK, thanks. I've removed the link, and I'll try to get word to John Ringo.

Anonymous said...


I think you might have a rogue or a pup in your browser. run adwcleaner and hitman pro.