Sunday, December 11, 2016

Doofus Of The Day #939

Today's award goes to a bunch of would-bee thieves in Florida.

Homeowner Joann Mendenhall said someone breaking into her back yard would normally be no laughing matter, but she had a little chuckle seeing suspects run from her back yard.

"They were gone like a streak of lightning," Mendenhall said.

It happened Saturday night at her home south St. Pete. Police say teenagers hopped Mendenhall's fence, but one of them landed right on top of a bee hive.

“Bees do not like to be disturbed, but especially at night," Mendenhall explained.

Needless to say, the teens didn't make it any further onto her property. Police took finger prints and called several emergency rooms to see if anyone was treated for swelling from stings.

There's more at the link.

Note to wanna-bee thieves:  Check your target before penetrating the perimeter!  Or, as wiser heads long ago decided, PPPPPPP!

Good bees.  Nice bees.  (But I'm not about to pat them on the head approvingly . . . )

(And if you like really, really good honey, remember my friend!)



Rev. Paul said...

Once again, a failure of the victim selection process. :^)

roadgeek said...

Bought some honey from your friend. Outstanding. Thanks for the tip.