Wednesday, December 28, 2016

An ISIL terrorist cell in Minnesota?

A federal judge thinks one exists in Minneapolis.

In nine hearings over three days before a courtroom packed with the families of the [nine] young men who sought to give their lives to ISIL, [U.S. District Judge Michael] Davis repeatedly underlined a clear message: There is a terrorist cell in Minneapolis and it is still alive today.

Each day, Davis sought to extract acknowledgment from the young men that they were “terrorists,” and left no doubt as to his thoughts on whether they were simply misguided youths.

“Everyone talks about Brussels or Paris having cells,” Davis said one day, then, raising his voice: “We have a cell here in Minneapolis.”

Saying the Minnesota public had “danced around” the issue, Davis described the cell’s size as being between nine to 20, including those sentenced last week and others killed abroad.

Later in the week, he raised eyebrows in the courtroom by telling one defendant that he noted “six to 10” supporters who attended previous hearings and insisted that “some defendants gave them signals.”

“I know they’re out there,” Davis said. “The community knows they’re out there.”

Federal prosecutors seemed to share Davis’ conviction. In an unusual development on Wednesday, they asked that two defendants, Mohamed Farah and Abdirahman Daud, be returned to the courtroom after their hearings were finished.

Prosecutors said both men flashed index fingers pointed upward as they faced the gallery on their way out, an apparent symbol of “tawhid” that symbolizes an Islamic concept of “oneness of God” but is also a popular symbol used by ISIL supporters.

. . .

“It’s on the record. There’s no denying of it,” Davis said. “Your own voice is on those tapes. Your voice here today is admitting to me what you have done. The litany of things that you did, the lies that you told should be published so there is no doubt about what is happening here today.”

The judge later explained his forcefulness — so direct that it surprised some attorneys — before sending Daud to prison: “We have to incapacitate this cell.”

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I'll be very surprised indeed if there isn't more than one such cell in Minneapolis (given the numbers of Muslim refugees who've been resettled in and near that city), and several others scattered around the country.  Given the number of 'refugees' accepted into the USA without adequate background checks or investigation, thanks to the laxness of the current administration's programs, I suspect there are several hundred active ISIL supporters in this country by now.  It's more than likely that some of them - perhaps a few dozen - are sufficiently motivated to become active domestic terrorists at any moment.  The rest will raise funds, provide safe havens, and do other things in their support.

We live in dangerous times.  Admitting so many untested, unverified refugees has made them even less safe.  We may all pay the price for that.



Vicki said...

I live about 30 miles from where this is happening. My state keeps bringing in unvetted refugees. Our governor scolds us if we object. Tells us if we do not like it, we should move elsewhere.

I no longer use public transportation because of the harassment and violence directed at fair skinned Christians. I stay away from crowds and shopping malls. This past summer a group of "refugees" spent time in affluent neighborhoods, harassing the residents. Yelling at them that they were going to rape the women. Chased whites off the public beaches at local lakes. I have friends in smaller towns telling me they dare not shop in the downtown areas because of similar harassment and threats. Nobody stops them.

Of course there are more terrorist cells here in Minnesota. And there will continue to be as long as there are so many who actually believe we are all going to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Or until some of them decide to blow up the governor's mansion.

Old NFO said...

Yep, there IS going to be some pushback, sooner or later, when people have had enough. The question is, will there be any left alive?

Sam vfm #111 said...

Yes, someday we will have had enough. Then we will play Cowboys and Muslims. May God have mercy on them for we will not.

Anonymous said...

I'd assume Virginia, Minnesota, the Kansas City metro area, and probably at least one in Texas, given the Sharia law schools et cetera in the greater Houston region. And probably Florida, based on some things that happened a few years ago.


CarlS said...

Perhaps those of us who wind up paying the price should prepare a bill for presentation to those who imported and sold "the product".

After all, Self-Defense is a pre-existing Right which the U.S. Constitution, most State Constitutions, and hundreds of years of precedent makes inviolate; no matter what any illogical, bought-and-paid-for - or threatened and extorted (can we say "NSA'ed"?) - judge may say. And, as our government continually demonstrates via actions and repeated budget requests, the best defense is a good offense.

Of course, those endangering our lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (another Right acknowledged and guaranteed - not created, permitted, or authorized - by the Constitution) will never see it that way. Such a concept is antithetical to their end goals. The rest of us, on the other hand . . .

Jess said...

I think anyone with any ability to logically analyze this situation will surmise a plan to corrupt the U.S. society, and a gullible administration to allow it to begin.

Anonymous said...

Well vetted Somali refugees. I'm sure DHS will bring the same scrutiny to the folks coming in from Syria.


Uncle Lar said...

Some 140 years ago the little town of Northfield Minnesota came up with the perfect solution for dealing with violent visitors to their community. The good citizens with their hunting rifles and shotguns shot the members of the James Younger gang to doll rags as the saying of the day went when they attempted to rob the local bank.
What worked then could still work today absent interference from higher authority.