Monday, December 19, 2016

Crow for Christmas?

With each State's Electoral College meeting today, it looks like Donald Trump will be formally certified as President-elect by this evening.

That being the case, is crow on the menu this Christmas for these people?

I hope they enjoy the flavor . . .



Gail said...

We may be drawing closer to The Hunger Games.

Too many have been written about New World Order.

How about a tale of a world where there are no college courses such as The Problems of Whiteness? A world where people accept the reality of a constitutional election? Where one can acknowledge the differences and embrace diversity? How about a world where people get over their disappointment and work to change the reasons not "kill the messenger"? But isn't that the fabled place of Utopia?

Write away. We will read what ever you choose to write.

Merry Christmas.

SQT said...

Oh the arrogance. I submit this as example #1 of why Trump did win the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Trump just won - 304 electoral votes. Texans love America as well as Texas!
I wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, yess, yesss!


David Lang said...

Actually the certification of the votes happens in the Senate on Jan 6. The VP (as President of the Senate) is the one to formally certify the vote of the Electors.

Anonymous said...

Crow is tolerable but not the most appealing fowl by a long shot. Young crow isn't entirely unpalatable but the older ones are mighty gamey. It's a dark meat and kinda greasy. The breast meat is really the only part worth messing with. About the worst tasting fowl in my experience with perhaps the exception of bottom feeding fishy tasting duck. Dove, quail or pheasant it ain't.

I'm sure the leftists and Hollywood have had worse things in their mouths.