Monday, February 20, 2017

Busy, busy, busy

I'm really swamped at the moment, so I must apologize for the less-regular-than-usual blog posts.  So far this morning, I've:

  • Written 3,000 words for my latest novel (now at 53,000 words completed);
  • Put in about 2 hours of research for the next 2 chapters of the book;
  • Had an extended counseling session with two people trying to cope with the aftermath of a tragedy (I'm a retired pastor, remember - I may not be able to hold down a church any more, but I still do this sort of thing);
  • Answered 9 e-mails, and opened and dealt with a few dozen more.

My cup overfloweth . . . but not with blog fodder, I'm afraid.  I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, amuse yourself with this classic song about insanity (which fits the busy-ness of my life rather well right now!).  This version's from Old Blind Dogs, a live recording.



Glen said...


It is good to see your health has improved. May your productivity and happiness continue to increase!

Old NFO said...

Thanks for stepping up Peter.

Elizabeth said...

I tried to find 'Bedlam Cats' for you, best I could do was
For Ashbutt :-)