Friday, February 17, 2017

Doofus Of The Day #950

Today's award goes to the members of the House of Clergy of the Church of England.  A tip o' the hat to Australian reader Snoggeramus for sending me the link.

THE Church of England’s crucial vote on gay marriage has been thrown into chaos after some clergy claimed they “got confused” and “pressed the wrong button”.

The Church’s legislative body voted last night against a report that calls for continued opposition to same-sex marriage.

. . .

Now some clergy have come forward saying they made a mistake when using their voting machines, and that they actually supported their colleagues’ report.

. . .

Other members said that they had voted the wrong way because they thought they were voting on a point of procedure.

There's more at the link.

I tend to take such excuses with a grain (or, in this case, a whole damn shaker) of salt.  I think they voted because they're liberals at heart, and now they're trying to appease the more conservative members of the Church.

Regardless, the House of Clergy just voted against the traditional, Biblical perspective on marriage.  If that can be taken as representative, methinks the Church of England is well on its way to becoming just another reflection of secular society, which doesn't seem to believe in anything except "If it feels good, do it!"



trailbee said...

That is such a sad state of affairs. I know there will be an eventual turn-about. But I'll be dead by then and my grandkids will be so screwed up! Maybe it's just as well. And people base their lives on something so important in the Bible, then hear some church person tell them the Bible is wrong. How are regular people supposed to lead and plan their lives with such chaos in their back yards?

Anonymous said...

As an Anglican, I can tell you that the US branch of that denomination (aka the Episcopal church) went around the bend decades ago. Look up John Shelby Spong for instance.

If you'd rather not, he was a Bishop in the diocese of Newark (where I currently reside), and he published a series of "theses", obviously seeing himself as a new Martin Luther (and of course he titled his autobiography "Here I Stand"). His first thesis was that we have to give up the idea of a personal God, and he followed from there. The highlights were that we can no longer think of Jesus as the Incarnate Son of God, that we need to give up the idea that God answers prayers, and that the Virgin Birth is nonsense. Permitting the ordination of the first openly gay priest, and marrying gay couples, is small potatoes by comparison.

And after publishing all this, he was allowed to remain Bishop of Newark.

Mark D

Aaron de Bruyn said...

That's modern Christianity everywhere.

In the beginning, God wanted us to obey his laws and commandments. We disobeyed and were cast out.

We continued disobeying and God flooded the earth.

We continued disobeying and God divorces and cast out the northern kingdom.

We continued disobeying and God sent Jesus to correct us and show us how to live.

We continue disobeying and now the end is near...

It's simple:

If you love me, obey my commandments.

Whoever says, "I know him," but does not obey his commands is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

Modern Christianity isn't even trying.

CDH said...

I find it both saddening and hard to argue against leaving the Church these days. My denomination, Presbyterian Church USA, will ordain those who openly say God doesn't exist or Jesus is a parable and the Bible is a collection of good advice to be used as a guide...or not as you feel appropriate. So much for the foundation, the rock against life's troubles, the unchanging Truth. There are others who hold fast to the sanctity of Scripture, but they are getting harder to find (if not outright ostracized and/or persecuted even here in the USA) and are frequently 'outside' mainstream Churches any more. Small wonder the small 'Bible Church' is doing so well everywhere I look. Maybe I need to check them out...

Kristophr said...

Sounds like some members wanted an out if they caught flack for their votes.

They should just let the vote stand.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. It appears CoE clergy would rather be seen as dim bulbs or liars rather than speak openly and honestly about what they are doing.

Mark Matis said...

They merely want to try to catch up with anti-pope Bergoglio the Communist. How better to do it than this?

Steve said...

I know the comments on this tend to be serious. But... Did this vote take place in Florida?

Anonymous said...

@ Steve: Hacked by Russians.

Robert the Biker said...

I wonder if these clowns think that their empty pews are going to suddenly fill up if they are 'welcoming' to all the queers and other mental defectives!
Here's a clue; no, they aren't.