Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wake up and smell reality

I'm worried that many people, on both the left and right wings of US politics and society, are sleep-walking through our present troubles, either ignoring or refusing to face up to the realities of our situation.  Things are ratcheting up, not down.  Those on the extremes - both extremes - are learning from past mistakes, mobilizing for present and future action, and doubling down on their positions.  That makes - and/or will make - life very difficult for those of us who don't live on those extremes.  We're going to have to defend the middle - our civilization, if you will - against both sides.

Here are a few articles that express real truths, the kind many of us are simply not prepared or willing to consider right now.  I most strongly urge you to read them all.

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The Left Hates You.  Act Accordingly.

Understand that when they call Donald Trump “illegitimate,” what they are really saying is that our desire to govern ourselves is illegitimate. Their beef isn’t with him – it’s with us, the normal people who dared rise up and demand their right to participate in the rule of this country and this culture.

. . .

They are fanatics, and by not surrendering, by not kneeling, and by not obeying, you have committed an unpardonable sin. You have defied the Left, and you must be broken. They will take your job, slander your name, even beat or kill you – whatever it takes to break you and terrify others by making you an example. Your defiance cannot stand; they cannot allow this whole Trump/GOP majority thing to get out of control. They must crush this rebellion of the normal, and absolutely nothing is off the table.

We’ve seen them burn UC Berkeley and how the police controlled by the leftist state government of California stood by and watched as Americans were beaten by the mob. Why? Because the government of the State of California approves of the violence. Do you think it’s a coincidence that California is doing everything it can to disarm its normals?

The Left won’t say it out loud – at least not yet – but make no mistake. If violence is what it takes for the Left to prevail, then violence we will have. You saw it, and you were meant to. Berkeley was a message about the price of dissent where leftist hold sway. And they seek to hold sway everywhere.

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Here a Nazi, There a Nazi, Everywhere a Nazi-Nazi!

There is a peculiar sadism at the very root of the leftist mindset, one made all the more foul because it’s buried underneath a fraudulent veneer of compassion and tolerance. There has been next to zero violence coming from the right, but leftists are justifying all their mob violence by saying Nazis want to exterminate everyone, so they’re just preemptively preventing another genocide. That’s a transparently false excuse, and they’d be hard-pressed to point to a single person they’ve attacked who advocates violence, but I realized only a few years ago that truth and facts simply do not matter to these cultists. But when it comes to violence, they should be very careful what they ask for.

. . .

I would like to believe that the recent spate of unhinged leftist rioting and violence is the loudest death rattle the world has ever heard. But if they keep shutting down free speech and punching anyone they deem a “Nazi,” they risk facing a violent backlash that unmasks them as the cowards they truly are.

Perhaps a major problem with the right these days is that there are too many suits and not enough boots. If the law won’t deal with this, it may be time to unleash the Saxon dogs.

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Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Reality Isn’t Nice. It’s a 2×4 to the Teeth

It’s easy to sit in your lounger, with your laptop across your knees, and pontificate on the false motivations of the Leftist activists. “Oh, they’re just attention whores!” “Oh, they just want their safe spaces!” “Oh, they’re just useful idiots being played.” “Oh, they’ll quit as soon as the money stops.” There’s a very real problem with that though, and it’s called underestimating your enemy. If you don’t believe that a dude who is out, in wintertime, in a protest/riot, and eating some riot cop's baton, as he receives a solid washing with “hickory shampoo,” is not a dedicated True Believer, you’re deluding yourself.

If you think that some twenty-something kid, who just saw his buddy take a bean bag round from a PD riot gun, in the dick, and then ignored his friend’s screams, to continue advancing, is not dedicated, and a True Believer, you’re ****ing stupid.

If you think POTUS is going to magically save you? You’re dumb. Large urban areas and entire states are telling the federal government to go **** itself on the immigration issue ... Things are not normal, and if you’re still stuck in your normalcy bias about “Make America Great Again,” you’re WAY behind the learning the curve.

I’ve talked with a number of friends in recent days; police officers and public services personnel, in large urban areas, across the country. None of them are taking this **** lightly. A fireman friend, from a major urban enclave on the east coast, that has been the scene of a number of ethnic conflicts in the last year or two, posted the following on FB recently:

“They are organized, they are violent. The cops aren’t shooting back because when some Tumblr **** biscuit doxxes them, their kids will be targets. Molon Labia and snowflake bluster isn’t cutting it anymore. I’m a ****ing fireman and have had body armor issued. That should say something very loudly and clearly.”

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Riot Control, Part 1 and Part 2 (with more to come)

(To those of you who've never been in a deadly serious, knock-down-and-drag-out, kill-the-bastards riot:  if you live in a major US city, you'd better be thinking about this right now.  I had the misfortune to be in three such situations before I came to this country.  It's no fun at all.  I only survived them by being harder than the rioters.  That's all I'll say about that.)

From Part 2:
And that’s how these kinds of riots can typically get out of hand. First a small group of hardcore, dedicated rioters either show up on their own or infiltrate a peaceful protest. If they’re not stopped there, they create the anarchy of which all the most intense fun is made. That is also intended to attract a crowd sufficient to provide cover for the next steps, which include breaking safeguards – windows and doors, plus alarm systems – to desirable, lootable property. I say that windows and doors are safeguards, but what they also are are “moral” safeguards. Nobody wants to do the time for breaking and entering, and few of us are willing or eager to break windows and doors, but if it’s already been done by someone else then that becomes a different matter. That brings out the larger numbers of more normal, profit-minded folks, ever fearful that someone may get the color TV that – by rights, they’re pretty sure – really belongs to them. Once that happens, there is no controlling the riot without massive bloodletting. There’s also no accounting for the innocent blood that’s going to be shed, or the lives ruined, if that out of control riot is not suppressed.

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"I have seen first-hand the abuse and fraud in the U.S. refugee program"

(To all those who object to President Trump's executive order restricting refugee's access to the USA:  you need to read this.)

As a recently retired 25-year veteran of the U.S. Department of State who served almost eight years as a refugee coordinator throughout the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Cuba, I have seen first-hand the abuses and fraud that permeate the refugee program and know about the entrenched interests that fight every effort to implement much-needed reform. Despite claims of enhanced vetting, the reality is that it is virtually impossible to vet an individual who has no type of an official record, particularly in countries compromised by terrorism. U.S. immigration officials simply rely on the person’s often rehearsed and fabricated “testimony.” I have personally seen this on hundreds of occasions.

. . .

As an insider who understands its operations, politics and weaknesses, I believe the refugee program must change dramatically and the courts must allow the president to fully implement the order.

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"Diversity is Our Strength"

"Diversity" must now join that legion of words appropriated and deformed almost beyond recognition by our progressive overlords. It joins "gay," "liberal," "male," "female," "fascist," "racist" and many more words that now form the core of modern progressivism's narrative. All perfectly good words that now have become unrecognizable and put into the service of the progressive "vision." When, for example, a college dean calls for more diversity in the institution, he or she is not calling for more conservatives and libertarians on staff to balance the school's overwhelmingly progressive bent. Same with corporations and government; it is a call for more "ethnic" and "gender" diversity; it is a call to label anybody who questions that as a "racist," a catch-all term of opprobrium and dismissal; it is increasingly a call for a form of "diversity" that seeks to destroy Western Civilization. It is a call for uniformity of thought.

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The Spiritual Deadness of the Left

What’s next on the Holocaust prop list? We know Steve Bannon is Goebbels. Is Ivanka Eva Braun? Is Kushner Himmler? Is Ben Carson Mengele? Are Trump supporters the Hitler youth? When you are spiritually dead, the level of depravity, as to how you treat others, has no limits. There is no low to which you will not stoop. Let’s be clear. This is the left, not Democrats, not liberals, but the left. The problem with spiritual disease is the fact that it can spread very quickly. Sadly, more and more are getting infected.

. . .

Plain and simple, their goals are to bite and infect all those who come into contact with them. It is they who have unfriended. It is they who have labeled and ostracized others. It is they who have called for your prosecution, if you question their science. It is they who have shunned and mocked those who don’t conform. It is they, who will not hire or fire, if they find out you are a Yuden (Trump Supporter). By the way, why is it always Hitler? Are Assad, Idi Amin, and Pol Pot not hip enough? The definition of indoctrination is the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. Hey lefties, does that sound familiar?

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Dispatches from the Front (Today in Mexico)


This article exemplifies precisely why we need President Trump's border wall.  It'll be horrifying to those who've never seen extreme violence, and the narrator has chosen images and video clips that don't spare readers from that horror.  For that reason, I won't embed any of them here.  I might add that the author is not exaggerating, and knows whereof he speaks from extensive career experience.  (So do I.)


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There.  Some enlightening, depressing, but very real information for your morning perusal.  Please, please, don't take it lightly.  It's the reality we're facing today.



Jon D. said...

Yes, absolutely. It's because it takes more extreme headlines to grab attention for clicks, which necessitates generating greater outrage. A really awful media cycle we're in now.

Glen Filthie said...

Can't blame the media, Jon. Everyone - even the lefties - know they lie like sidewalks. (They have the plummeting sales to show for it too, the morons).

Well, as for me, I hate them right back. Those protestors that charge police after taking a rubber bullet to the groin? Well, we'll just see how he does when it's a .223 or a .308. Because - I get it. I KNOW they're motivated. I am now, too. It won't be over when that bullet goes through our motivated leftist's nuts - it will be over when the next one goes through his pan. And when his fellow motivated social justice warrior sees THAT - I will bet be he runs. I may or may not let him. We'll see, if it comes to that.

I got a LOT of 'mad' built up over the last decade from these a-holes, so if they want to get stupid about it, what happens after that is on them. I think you, Pete, or one of the other bloggers recently said the best thing to do right now is stay out of stupid situations involving stupid people - and I think for now - that is the best advice I've heard. If there's a riot going on, I want to watch it on TV with a tub of popcorn.

Anonymous said...

This is undeclared war, or at least undeclared by the "receiving" side.

When both sides acknowledge that it's war, things will get really interesting really fast. "Combat" is not the slightest bit like "civil disturbance." Plan accordingly.

Roy said...

"Those on the extremes - both extremes - are learning from past mistakes..."

Okay, Peter, I get it. But I want to know two things.

First; who, exactly, are the "extremes" of the right? All I see in your post are examples of the many extremes of the left. You keep saying that "both sides are guilty", but I never see examples of the guilty on our side. The few things I do see are somewhat lukewarm reactions to something egregious done by the left. Indeed, we are usually castigated for being too permissive of this leftist bulls$%t.

Second; what, exactly, would you have us do? You claim that we are "...sleep-walking through our present troubles, either ignoring or refusing to face up to the realities of our situation." I don't think so. Most of us have definitely woken up to the fact that the left hates us. We act accordingly. I have preps made to weather the storm as long as it doesn't get completely out of hand. ( See Yugoslavia or Irish "troubles".) I once had someone tell me that proper preparation meant moving at least a tank-of-gas away from any city. Well, that eliminates everything from the Atlantic seaboard to beyond the Missouri river, and the entire west coast to about 400 miles inland. It's just not doable for most folks. What should we do? Should we form militia's and go out and fight the beast? I'm 63 years old with diabetes and bad knees. I'm sure I would make a fine infantryman - NOT!

So I do what most everyone else is doing. I watch, I wait, and I prepare as best I can.

And... I pray and I hope for the best.

But the one thing that gives me pause is that God sends the rain to fall on the righteous and unrighteous. And I don't believe he will allow a nation guilty of the wholesale slaughter of millions of babies since 1973 to go unpunished.

Peter said...

@Roy: See the linked article "Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows" for some of the wingnuts on the right. There are more. I'll see about working up an article about them in due course.

Bob said...

This is hard to see? Go ask a veteran that spent a few years in Iraq or Afghanistan for some pictures. Plenty of Americans have dealt with worse than this on a regular basis. I gave up trying to explain violence to people who have not experienced it some time ago. It is tempting to try and fix the liberal world view but they are liberals precisely because they don't like the real world.

Old Radar Tech said...

How many more reports like these before some vet decides he's got nothing better to do and nothing to lose, and decides to go from retired professional to active hobbyist?

Bob M said...

@Old Radar Tech:

Yup... wife has passed(cancer and then stroke), son married to a militant anti-white SJW(no grand-kids), so I've got nothing left to gain, AND what should be far more worrisome to the lefties... nothing left to lose.

Like you, I'm an old radar tech, kept an SPS-8 running on a CVA back in the day. Six year vet.

And just like Glen Filthie said above, TV and a tub of popcorn... until they come at me.

Uncle Lar said...

They've had it their way for so very long now, simply being told no you cannot still have it all your own way seems to be driving them into a destructive rage.
And best I can tell with Berkley, no major repercussions for a full blown riot.
It's only a matter of time before they are emboldened to try the same thing in one of the red states.
And that is going to make Kent State look like an icecream social.

TheOtherSean said...

That was reality I was smelling? I thought that was the dead skunk on the side of the road.

Anonymous said...

Regarding immigration and unvetted immigrants.

One thing I have not seen discussed anywhere is that ISIS fighters have access to genuine passports. They have overrun enough major cities that they must have captured the passport offices of the countries that they occupy.

They can force the civil servants operating the passport issuing departments to issue them with a genuine, official passport. Osama Bin Laden could have a Syrian or Iraqi passport with his photograph endorsed as being genuine with a name of Ali Ben Akkers. The passport would be accepted as being genuine and prima facie evidence of his identity. It is a shame he looks like Osama Bin Laden, eh?

How are you going to distinguish an ISIS fighter with malicious intent from an ordinary guy?

Economic migrants wanting to leech off the state will need to fabricate a story and, bad as they are, are not the threat a terrorist is.

Phil B

Anonymous said...

Phil B, apparently the Venezuelan government has also been selling them in Iraq and probably other places as well (I'd assume Iran at the very least). So I'd be leery of those to begin with.


deborah harvey said...

my question is this.
the 'diversity' backers are committing suicide.
and they are the cause of what will be the rapery, plundering, and murder or enslavement of the rest of us.
do they think they will be given a pass because they helped with the destruction?

roy is correct.
the ripping limb from limb of the unborn, without a drop of anaesthetic, will be punished.
where there is sin there is payback.
the wages of sin is death.

Old NFO said...

This is the reality we are possibly facing if things continue to deteriorate...

Roy said...

Well okay then. I read the linked article "Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows". (Work intervened so I had to come back to it.) Anyway, I still don't get it. Who are the "wingnuts on the right"? The author of the article? The people he is responding to on Facebook or Twitter? Who?

I'll ask again: What are 63 year old diabetics with bad knees supposed to do that we haven't already done?

Roy said...

...I want to add one more thing. In the linked article the author states:
"...The people of Dixie weren’t stupid, and neither was their leadership. They didn’t run right out and start attacking the Army of the United States."

Actually, they were and they did. They were too full of arrogance to have a little patience. Half the northern population either didn't care or were saying "good riddance" when the first southern states seceded. Instead, they ran right out and attacked Fort Sumter without any provocation while negotiations were going on to determine the disposition of the fort. And this is what kicked off the shooting war.

Quartermaster said...

Roy, Sumter was the provocation. Lincoln dangled it as bait and toe Confed cabinet, against the strong and urgent advice of Toombs, took the bait.

Peter, I simply have not seen the right-wingnuts you refer to. While there are people on the right who have said "bring it," they aren't relishing what the left thinks it will be. It will be a slaughter, but of the left once they get stupid enough to jump, thinking the right will back down as they always have. I strongly suspect you may look back on your SADF days as the "good old days."

Of those familiar with biblical eschatology, none of this is a surprise. The US is found no where in bible, yet for a country as prominent and influential as the US, it would be there if it still existed in the period dealt with in scripture. Add in what Christ said about the end, "As it was in the days of Noah...." Matthew 24:37

Bibliotheca Servare said...

Okay, so it felt appropriate to post this here, just in case you hadn't seen it when I posted it before, Mr. Grant. It fits the theme of the links above, I think. Here:

PS: the author is also the "Oh John Ringo No!" guy! I just learned that today, lol, and I was...amused and kinda weirded out. It's a good blog post, though, if a little depressing/stress-inducing.

God bless! :-)

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Uniformity Of Thought is not Diversity.
It is a "Number 12 Looks Just Like You".