Thursday, February 23, 2017

Michael Moore offers ten points to thwart President Trump

Michael Moore is a hard-core progressive left-wing activist, far more so than the mainstream of the Democratic Party.  I disagree profoundly with his politics, but he is a politically savvy commentator.  Don't forget, he predicted President Trump's victory almost a year before it happened, to mingled scorn, laughter and anger from other left-wing commentators.  He was proved right.

He's now come out with a ten-point plan to thwart the President's aims and objectives, and prevent his re-election.  He claims baldly:  'Do These 10 Things, And Trump Will Be Toast'.  Here's a sample.

6. TAKE OVER THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: The old guard of the party has twice in 16 years presided over the majority of Americans electing the Democrat to the White House ― only for us all to see the losing Republican inaugurated as president. How is it that we have won the popular vote in SIX OF THE LAST SEVEN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS ― the Republicans have only won ONCE since 1988 ― and yet, we hold NO power in any branch of government?! That, plus losing 1,000 local seats in this election that the Dems use to hold ― plus watching many Dems in Congress unwilling to stand up to Trump ― PLEASE, the old leadership has to go. God love ‘em for their contributions in the past, but if we don’t enact a radical overhaul right now, we are doomed as far as having a true opposition party during the Trump era. And that, more than anything, will help to usher in the vise-grip of a totalitarian culture.

. . .

7. HELP FORM BLUE REGIONS OF RESISTANCE: People keep saying to me, “Mike - I live in a Blue State - what can I do?” If you live in a Blue State, you have one of the MOST important tasks to complete: Show the rest of America what it looks like when Trump isn’t in charge! Blue States and Blue Cities must do an end-run around Trump and create the America we want to live in. That means New York goes ahead and offers Free College for All. California can create its own Universal Health Care. Oregon can stop mass incarceration of African Americans. Hawaii can enact its own climate change laws. Blue States can show the rest of country how much better life can be. Important historical note: Before Roe v. Wade made abortion legal, California and New York passed their own state laws to make it legal. This greatly helped pave the way for CHOICE being the new normal ― and the enactment of Row [sic] v. Wade.

There's more at the link.

As I said, Michael Moore is politically savvy.  Expect to see elements of this road map adopted by others, and put into practice.  Those of us opposed to it will have to counter its points as they emerge - so consider this a warning shot across our bows.

As a matter of fact, I strongly support point 7 above.  I believe it would be very good for America if those living in states with a strong, dominant Democratic or left-wing or progressive element were to adopt and implement those social policies and entitlement programs that they think are most important.  That way, the rest of the country could see how they work - or don't.  In fact, why don't we use that as a point of argument?  Why should the federal government be involved in any such programs?  Why not send them back to the states, who can fund them - or not - as they see fit, and adopt their own tax structure to do so?

For example, those states that are opposed to socialized medicine can de-fund all except emergency care.  Those states in favor of it can adopt comprehensive, Obamacare-plus-plus programs, or go all the way to a single-payer system such as Canada uses, and levy taxes on their citizens to pay for it.  Individual citizens and residents can decide for themselves which system they prefer, and vote with their feet and their wallets by moving to states that have adopted that system.  The same can apply to almost any program.  Let those who want them, vote for them in their states and pay for them by local taxation.  Those of us who don't want them should be equally free to vote against them and de-fund them.

We'll do well to pay attention to people like Mr. Moore.  We don't have to agree with them.  We just have to understand where they're coming from, and examine our own beliefs in the light of their proposals.  Informed opposition is far better than knee-jerk rejection - on both sides of the political divide.

(I'm obliged to reader Antibubba for sending me the link to Mr. Moore's article.)



Dad29 said...

and levy taxes on their citizens to pay for it.

Heh. You silly conservative!

That is not how it will work. They will spend bazillions, but they will BOND the spending, not 'pay for it.'

By the way, in Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson (R) Governor used this trick all the time. He reduced taxes, and bonded the deficits, building roads (getting lotsa $$ and votes from the RoadBuilder lobby) and building totally-useless UW branch campuses (making the teachers' lobby happy...getting votes.)

Of course, HE didn't pay for that. His grandchildren will. And he'll be dead.

el diablo loco poco said...

Point #7 has been done. It is called Detroit.

Uncle Lar said...

"Point #7 has been done. It is called Detroit."
And Chicago, and a good bit of California, certain New England states as well.
And when their policies fail they all come hat in hand to the Feds, not for real help, but for more money so that they can double down on all the bad choices that got them into the mess in the first place.
Cali spent billions on fast rail to nowhere, and billions more on social services for visitors to this country. (that would be illegal aliens to the uninformed)
Chicago wants tons of funding for social programs, but not one Federal LEO shall be permitted to place boots on the ground to enforce the law. Same appears to be trending in New York city under their new mayor.

Rob said...

Paying for medical is not hard, we all ready pay more for medical (per capita) than France, or England or Canada or any of the industrial nations....we pay twice as much as they do.

That popular vote talk sounds like something until you see he's talking about voters from NY & SoCal.

RHT447 said...

Maggie Thatcher had it right. Socialism works great until you run out of other peoples money.

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore doesn't realize it, but he just advocated Federalism, which conservatives, or rather, non-Leftists, have been suggesting for quite some time.

It is the United States of America, not Washington, D.C.and 50 insignificant political subdivisions. Each state, within the boundaries of the Constitution, is entitled to, and should, pursue those structures and activities most suited for their populations and situations; Wisconsin may need regulations requiring snow tires, but Florida doesn't, and Vermont probably has tax provisions benefiting maple syrup manufacturers that would be useless in New Mexico. ad infinitum, depending on geography, climate, economy and a host of other criteria.

As long as New York State uses its own money it should be entitled to provide as much free stuff to its citizens as it desires. As Dad29 (above) pointed out, Tommy Thompson pushed accountability into the future by raising money with bonds; as long as financial buggery and incompetence is confined within a state's borders and does not metastasize into the pockets of others, so be it. Will New York (and other states) go bankrupt by pandering to the Free Stuff Army or engaging in financial legerdemain? Probably, but as long as the impact is confined to New Yorkers, it's "just desserts" (I realize that there are some national functions in NY, but people by and large being rational, many of those functions will self-migrate to other states as conditions - economic and social - become untenable. As example, look at the California Exodus which, at some point, will auto-correct; in California's case, that may not occur until California is a smoking crater, but it will occur).

Loyd Jenkins said...

"We'll do well to pay attention to people like Mr. Moore. We don't have to agree with them. We just have to understand where they're coming from, and examine our own beliefs in the light of their proposals. Informed opposition is far better than knee-jerk rejection - on both sides of the political divide."

True wisdom here. If more people would do it.

Feather Blade said...

I like the part about Oregon ending the mass incarceration of African-Americans.

That would probably reduce the Oregon prison population by, what, 50 people?

It's like Moore has never been to Oregon...