Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When the hangover cure is worse than the disease . . .

I've been alternately giggling and feeling nauseated at some ancient cures for a hangover.  Examples:

  • Raw Pickled Herring Wrapped Around Pieces of Gherkin and Onion (Germany)
  • Picked Sheep Eyes in Tomato Juice (Mongolia)
  • A Glass of Warm Milk with a Teaspoon of Soot (the 1800s)
  • Raw Owl’s Eggs and Deep-Fried Canary (Ancient Rome)
  • Sheep Lungs, Owl Eggs and Boiled Cabbage (Ancient Greece)

There are more at the link, including all the gory (?) details.

Inevitably, Japan has its own unique selection of cures.  Don't they always?



Akatsukami said...

Actually, the raw herring sounds more like an appetizer than a hangover cure. Perhaps it was meant as a preventative?

Cedar said...

I'd try the German one.

and what did the Greeks and Romans have against Owls?

John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Hair of the dog.

Works every time.

Jon D. said...

So... the real question is, what'd you drink?

Anonymous said...

The herring combo is called Rollmops. It's . . . OK. I'm not an onion fan. And I wasn't hung over. I just like to eat at the Nordsee fast-fish chain when I'm over there.