Friday, March 31, 2017

It's the last day of voting . . .

. . . for the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance's 2017 Book of the Year contest.  At the time of writing, my first Western novel, 'Brings The Lightning', is in first place.

It's hotly pursued by John Ringo and Larry Correia's collaboration 'Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge'.

Voting closes at midnight tonight.  Since "it ain't over until it's over", to repeat a time-honored phrase, may I ask any of my readers who haven't yet voted, to please click over to the contest page and vote for the book of their choice?  Obviously, I'll be very grateful if you vote for mine, but there are several other very good books on the list, so vote your preference.




PM said...

Really didn't want to play favourites between you and the Ringo/Correia complex. However, since both of the latter are "D-List authors"(:)), and consequently live in houses built of gold bars, I thought I'd give you the nod. Good luck
Best wishes

John Cunningham said...

File770.con reports that Brings the Lightning is the WINNAH!! Peter, I think BTL ranks with Louise Lamour's work.

Dave said...

Blast you, Peter. I had plans for yard work, but NO!!! "Comes the Lightning" arrived on Thursday afternoon and I thought I'd read just a few pages. It was done Friday afternoon. And rain is forecast for the weekend. Ah, well.

Very enjoyable.

Thanks, I guess.

I can prune next week.

When will "Rocky Mountain Retribution" be available in paperback? The pruning can wait.

Peter said...

@Dave: Castalia House is working on that. Look for it in May.