Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Francis Porretto, with his customary clarity, lays out the framework of the conflict currently raging in Washington D.C.  He sees it in terms of a political re-casting of Maslow's famous Hierarchy of Needs.  He sums it up in just a few words.

... the elite are aware that their opulence and status are founded on exploiting their political power over the rest of us. Moreover, they know that were they in our place, they’d resent such treatment – i.e., what they’ve done to us – and want to take a bloody vengeance. That sense is what makes the ascendancy of Donald Trump a level 1 threat to them.

Accordingly, just now, for the elite, there are no rules. They’ll do whatever they “must” to remove the usurper and reinstate themselves in Their Right and Proper Place.

There's much more at the link.  Go read the whole thing, and follow the links he provides to other articles.  It's worth your time.


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Bob M said...

I read the entire bit. Not that it matters, but I agree completely. For this reason, I worry every day that one (or more) of these "elite" will pony up whatever amount of cash required to take out Trump and his allies.

A million? Ten million? Fifty million? All small change to someone as wealthy as Gates or one of his fellow elitists.

A level 1 threat, Trump is. A level 1 response is - without doubt - being planned.

We deplorables has best prepare for the upheaval that will surely occur when- not if - they make their move.