Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday morning music

Here's one of my all-time favorite progressive rock pieces:  "Autumn", by Strawbs.  It's from their 1974 album "Hero and Heroine".

How strange to think I remember that coming out, 43 years ago.  Damn, sometimes I feel old!



LastRedoubt said...

Outstanding piece

You might also like this more recent piece I came across a couple weeks ago listening to Eric Raymond's "Intricate Fire" station on Pandora. Not sure how to get a share link out of the new interface as a lot of features haven't been added in yet.

It's been eye-opening to realize how much of my favorites that I thought of as just classic rock/rock were, despite a long digression through new wave/industrial/EDM/darkwave, were really prog rock and metal. While I still think of a lot of pre-90125 Yes as self-indulgent, there's some awesome music in there, and I can listen to both versions of ELP all day long. Don't get me started on Rush

Old NFO said...

I don't think I've ever heard that piece! Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Not "old" ... just a longer than average range of life experience.

Besides, how much music from "43 years ago" was anyone listening to in 1974?

(As a side note, I was listening to Herman's Hermits as I read this ...)


A Texan said...

As GenXer, it's pretty 'groovy'.