Monday, May 17, 2021

Memes that made me laugh 58


Gathered over the last week from around the Interwebs.

More next week.



Andrew Smith said...

Only 24 this time? :-(

Peter said...

Some weeks there's a bumper crop, other weeks there aren't as many. If it doesn't make me laugh (or at least smile broadly), I don't save it for inclusion.

Odysseus said...

"Like winning an argument with my wife."

"Sir it's against restaurant policy to serve live animals."

JaimeInTexas said...

You and OldNFO make me smile on Monday mornings.

I really like that Van-Truck. Add a bimini top and you have a camper with a balcony. Or, you can add a hot tub. Oh, the possibilities. Make it amphibious ... THAT! will push into the stratospheric coolness.

Jerry said...

Thanks Peter, love sharing these.

Maniac said...

What happened to the "invalid sister" one? Made me LOL.