Friday, August 27, 2021

Another reason why undoing last year's electoral fraud is going to be an uphill battle


The evidence of electoral fraud in November 2020 is so vast it's conclusive, as far as I'm concerned.  The progressive left can bleat all it likes about "baseless" allegations, but they're not baseless.  Statistical analysis is about as conclusive as it can be, whether or not any of our courts have pronounced on it (and most of them have dodged the issue through procedural means).

However, a surprising number of Americans don't seem to care about that.  Their only concern is to get as much in the way of government benefits that they can - and to that end, they're going to support whatever political party promises to give them the most.  Needless to say, the progressive left is gleefully jumping on that wagon as hard as it can.  They're offering so much government pork that anyone trying to undo their electoral fraud is going to have a very difficult time persuading voters to look beyond the pork to the problem.

Ryan McMaken puts it in perspective.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

The public sees the government spending on infrastructure, on unemployment payments, on loans to businesses, and on “free” money to American households. Most Americans are likely to find something they like in all that spending, and so they don't exactly strenuously object. After all, they see all these benefits without any clear connection to rising taxes.

Thus, much of the public completely ignores the “unseen” of what could have been bought with all that money had it not been redistributed by government fiat. The “unseen” is malinvestment, inflation, and more political power for the regime. Moreover, the monetary inflation necessary to keep the deficit-spending machine going continues to fuel artificial economic inequality. Easy money fuels asset price inflation for the rich while impoverishing ordinary people through inflation, booms, and busts.

But as the current government spending situation makes clear, these facts are virtually unknown to most of the public, and thus the public doesn’t see much downside to spending. Long gone are the old populist Democrats of Grover Cleveland's day, who understood that government spending was ripping somebody off—and that “somebody” is probably you.

Many also likely believe that as happened after World War II, things will just go back to “normal” after the crisis.

Of course, things never went back to normal after the Second World War. Federal spending as a percentage of GDP has been nearly double what it was even during the big spending days of the New Deal. What's more, the three decades of immense economic expansion following World War II occurred in a world where foreign economies were recovering from ruin and most of the world’s population was too unproductive to offer much competition to America’s workers. The US was running budget surpluses in the late forties and through much of the fifties. Americans were young, and there were far more workers producing than collecting government Social Security welfare checks.

Those days are gone, and although American workers continue to be highly productive, the burden each worker must bear to pay for the elderly and the unproductive continues to grow. 

What we have now is a country heavily dependent on ever-larger amounts of government spending and monetary expansion. It’s an economy marked by a growing population of aging pensioners, trillions spent on lost wars, and a mountain of debt with no prospects of “returning to normal” any time soon. Many Americans apparently like it that way.

There's more at the link.

More than half of all US households now receive government benefits of some kind (as do more than half of all immigrants).  Almost all that money is provided by deficit spending to fund entitlement programs.  When it comes to voting, the recipients of those benefits are more likely to consider which party will give them more benefits, rather than which party will contest the election honestly and not steal power through criminal manipulation of the results.

And that's why undoing last year's electoral fraud at the polls next year, and in 2024, is going to be so very, very difficult.  It won't just be ongoing electoral fraud (although that will certainly be a major factor).  It'll be that so many voters won't care about electoral fraud, or will regard it as less important than bigger government payouts.  For too many voters, greed will triumph over legitimacy.



Peteforester said...

Welcome to Mexico...

Peteforester said...

Nothing will ever be done about the blatant electoral fraud that occurred last year. Even the SCOTUS knows if it takes up even one of the cases it summarily diched, it'll blow the top off the boiler. So from here on out, we live in the Land Of Make-Believe...


Those who vote for a living now outnumber those who work for a living. And with the open borders, streams of rapefugees from the Middle East, that will only get worse.

The death spiral may seem slow, but it's started.

5stonegames said...

Most welfare spending is Medicare and Social Security. This is nearly 2/3rds of all Federal tax revenue.

However if you spend 50 years or so arbitraging working folks wages down, pushing formerly middle class industrial workers in the working or lower classes by mass immigration , outsourcing and imports and than season with broken families you get a larger welfare class.

Its the logical natural outcome of such actions.

Aside from the fact that we almost certainly can't vote ourselves out of this mess (10% chance if the Republican party can be fixed) if you don't want this kind of thing, you have to be in power and accept the consequences of actions.

This is not a highly natal, fast growing society, its one in the throws of an tech driven efficiency trap and if you were get power it would be on you to build a society where having children is affordable and the norm.

Rob said...

We are never going to be able to "undo" what was done last Nov, the best we can hope for is to get the word out about what really happened and that is going to be hard.
They own the media, almost all of it and "the media" says that what happened did not and we are just sore losers AND it's all about Trump.

If 'they' get really worried this blog (and those like it) will just go away.

The best we can hope for is some way to show what really happened to those who listen and believe all the MSM, we need to convince them that the MSM lied to them, lied to all of us.
If we can do that maybe we can have an honest next election... maybe.

Rob said...

Does anyone know of a anyone who has put the theft together, just the facts, to show what happened that night?

The video of the people being pushed out of the ballot counting places, the windows being covered up so the 'counting' could happen in private, the graphs showing all the 'just' Biden ballots being registered while no one was there to watch the counting? A source for that security camera that was overlooked in Georgia while boxes and suitcases full of ballots were pulled from under the tables? And all of this happening at the same time in different cities?

Evidence of the 200,000+ extra mail in ballots that showed up in Penn?

It is going to have to clear because they have to momentum and most of the media going still 24/7 with the big lie.

John in Indy said...

A useful summary was assembled by Sundance at
One of my regular blog reads.
John in Indy

Steve S said...

Still waiting on the Arizona results.
I'm betting that with the Afghanistan debacle it will be much easier.

The Freeholder said...

What cannot continue, will not continue.

Now, just how bad the damage is and whether or not we can recover in my children's lifetimes is a completely different discussion.

Robin Datta said...

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium

Absolute Proof

Nahanni said...

Welcome to the western Roman empire circa 380 A.D.

Tschifty Mccoy said...

Peter, your post is why you and all likeminded folks need to reexamine assumptions. It is, afterall, the assumptions that kill.

First assumption that needs to go: polling, political races, and partues are at all relevant or meaningful. People who spend their time and attention reading polling data and handicapping the 2022 races have missed the point. We are a captive population at this point, captive to a criminal syndicate that made a desperate gamble in 2020 to stage an all out coup. They are clinging desperately to power right now. Don't be fooled by the Info War psy ops that try to convince all of us that it's hopeless, we're too addicted to the welfare system, 50% of voters love socialism etc... We need to stop taking in their brainwashing and look at actions. The regime in power is not acting like a secure, confident, all powerful government. Just the opposite. They are doing all sorts of things that have caused the People to wake up to tyranny and the criminality. Not something you do if you are secure in power.

The game is not the elections, that's a distraction. The game is the desperate effort by the Syndicate to lock us all down, disarm us, isolate us, and dispirit us so when the real crisis comes we the People will not rise up.

We have the momentum on our side as seen by the desperate mistakes these clowns are making every week, every day sometimes. Keep your eyes on the cracks in the dam. Things will break open sooner than later. Be ready.

lemmiwinks said...

Liberty is of small value to the lower third of humanity. They greatly prefer security, which means protection by some class above them. They are always in favor of despots who promise to feed them. The only liberty an inferior man really cherishes is the liberty to quit work, stretch out in the sun, and scratch himself.

H. L. Mencken