Friday, August 13, 2021

Beware of ANYTHING like this!!!


I'm obliged to The Intrepid Reporter for putting up this poster for a forthcoming rally in Florida.  Clickit to biggit.

He notes:


First off

Anytime I see a poster advertising a "Patriot Rally"

I hear "Federally Sponsored Setup"

Intel Gathering.

No way in hell do I have any interest out of going down there.

There's more at the link.

I couldn't agree more.  We've seen how "agitators" (widely rumored to be the FBI) promoted the January 6th demonstrations in Washington D.C.  It turns out to have been a first-class "fishing expedition" for the Federal authorities, who continue to detain without trial most of the protesters they've been able to identify, and interrogate them and look for evidence to implicate others.  This Florida protest looks to me to be more of the same.  Its organizers may not intend it as such, but you can bet your bottom dollar that intelligence-gatherers will be all over it like white on rice.

Be suspicious of any and every attempt to call together "Patriots" or "Trump supporters" or anyone else opposed to the current powers that be.  It's highly likely to be used against those groups and any and all of their members.  Our current (illegitimate) Administration is paranoid about opposition, so it's going all-out to demonize and stigmatize all those involved.

Don't make yourself a target.  Be the 'gray man'.



Amahl_Shukup said...

First rule of survival, thanks to Ole Remus at The Woodpile Report, is: AVOID CROWDS.

Imiss Ole Remus, bless his soul.

Keyser Soze said...

Glowie (From )
Normally used for the CIA but also used for agencies like the ATF, FBI, etc. Their inability to blend in to the native population's habits, patterns and speech makes them stick out like a sore thumb to the population, hence they "glow in the dark."

The most common trappings of government shills are their inability/hesitation to use the major racial slurs, improper use of memes, and the pushing of mainstream political theories.

See also: Glow in the dark, glowposting
I feel ya, glowie. Must be frustrating. I know everything I post is satire or attempted satire, or pertaining to my favorite game - Minecraft. So easy to be misunderstood in these wicked times. I hope you get the day off for Christmas, at least.

The worst thing about having an erratic sleeping schedule and being sleeping on American business hours is that you don't get to always read the replies of your designated glowie. When you are most active he is at home sleeping. sucks.

If anyone says, "here's how to get cheap guns illegally", "we should shoot first ", and " Stop larping kill the blank now " that is a glowie pure and simple.

Steve Sky said...

Did you also note where they were going to hold the "protest"? Inside the North Falkenburg Lockup (Tampa jail). You have to be a special kind of ignorant to attend a "protest" inside a jail. They are not even going to transport you to the jail. Instead, they are expecting you to save them the effort, assuming you attend.

Old NFO said...

Oh yeah, stay the hell away...

Peteforester said...

I think the operative term here is "BAIT."

...I miss Ol' Remus too...

LL said...

X2 Peter.

What we need to do, we can do in a time of our choosing with tradecraft suitable to the task.

Getting locked up and held indefinitely by the feds as a political prisoner is no way to protest. Ghandi survived because the Brits had a conscience. The woke do not.

Tschifty Mccoy said...

Do you think aesop is a glowie then?

Tschifty Mccoy said...

You do raise an interesting point. Would the civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s have been successful today? I.e., would the King non violent civil disobedience work nowadays? Why did it work then? Because even though the jim crow south could be pretty vicious, people in general had a conscience and eventually the tactic worked on that conscience. Not sure we have that conscience now.

McChuck said...

@McCoy - Nonviolent resistance only works against people with consciences. It doesn't work at all against Communists and other Leftists.

5stonegames said...

Do you think aesop is a glowie then?

I doubt it. He isn't directly advocating illegal acts and has repeatedly criticized Charlottesville as stupid. He'd criticize this as well.

A lot of people are furious and would like to do something , anything. They just don't want to act alone and want some clean Blues and Grey thing or to be lead rather than going Dorner or Dexter for that matter

Just because someone wants things to kick off or is complaining when people aren't acting does not make them a fed either.

Broadly though anyone telling you to or suggesting you do something illegal should be ignored. Figure out what to do if you choose to act on your own.

For now as always Reps and Preps, get rid of the Rinos and the careerists and the looters in the Republican party and maybe we can save the system. Its a slim chance but 100% legal

Since it will probably fail, get prepped, Fit, mean, learn to think like a guerilla or a revolutionary learn to organize for a common goal, trained and yes buy gear. If/when things will go bad you will be far better off.

John in Indy said...

Three can keep a secret if two are dead.
Look for the schwerpunkt, the inflection point, the point where a small push can make a large difference, and protest there.
Ignore the ants, unless they are at your picnic.
Follow the money and the influence up the chain to find those behind the politicians and the commanders. These folk believe themselves to be invisible and protected, and immune to the disasters they bring to the rest of the nation.
If you find that you can not protest on a national level, see what you can do locally.
Run for School Board or Precinct committeeman. Especially that, as those positions are elected in the primaries, usually unopposed, and many are vacant.
Committeeman is a frustrating position, as you will be voting to determine who the candidates will be, which puts you very close to the sausage machine that is American politics.
Keep your eyes open, head on a swivel. They really do hate us.
John in Indy

halfdar said...

With great respect, may I suggest that the time for public displays of defiance are over? We are past this. The courts have proven themselves faithless and malfeasant; the election process remains in doubt for the foreseeable future.
Now is not the time to gather and protest. Now is the time to quietly get our shit in one bag, make certain decisions, select a comportment in case of x event, and determine the limits of our individual patience.

I know how this sounds, but the truth only leads in one direction. We are now at the point where the only light left is that which we shine upon each other.

God Bless America, and all who would stand with Her.

BigCountryExpat said...

Appreciate the link sir!

Guy Jean said...

O/T but "The Grey Man" series by JL Curtis is a lot of fun. And it's not about being inconspicuous. It starts with Vignettes:

Off The Wall said...

Once you’ve read all of Peter’s books :) (& Dorothy’s) JL Curtis’ books are good. I’ve read all the Grey Man series.

There are some similarities to the Grey Man philosophy ...

Antibubba said...

Don't go stupid places with stupid people.

Sam L. said...

Being wayyyyyyy across the country from FLA (and in an undisclosed location), I should be safe.

ruralcounsel said...

AKA "Buffalo Jump"