Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Looters are probably coming to a store near you


We've all seen footage of mobs of feral inner-city dwellers charging into stores, grabbing an armful of goods apiece, and running for the exits.  Most get away scot-free.  Cities with liberal, left-wing administrations are the happy hunting grounds for these organized looters, but they're spreading to other places as they grow bolder.  Their loot is not for their own use, either:  there are organized rings of thieves having their minions steal to order, then selling the stolen goods on e-commerce Web sites to consumers who have no idea where their latest treasure has come from - they just like the lower price.

Trouble is, these looters - almost all of them black, if you look at surveillance footage of their crimes - have so far targeted stores and cities where they're relatively immune from arrest and punishment.  It's politically incorrect to try to stop them in a political, prosecutorial and law enforcement environment where being black equates to being a victim.

Dagen McDowell ... [pointed] out that store security guards are not stopping thieves "very often because the stores are afraid of being called ‘racist’ if they lay their hands on anybody [to]…try to detain them."

She recalled seeing thieves "stealing in broad daylight from a store" in New York City and screaming "Rape!" or "You're a racist, get your hands off of me!" when confronted by the security guard.

Looting "creates these poverty zones," she continued, such as in San Francisco where 17 Walgreens locations have closed, and five more are expected to shutter. They were ravaged by the city's high rate of theft, which is five times the national average.

There's more at the link.

Inevitably, when you don't discourage this sort of crime, the criminals become bolder;  and other criminals in other areas begin to think, "Well, if they can get away with it there, I can get away with it here."  The net result:  shopping malls and stores in many cities are now vulnerable to criminals - and so are the shoppers using them.

This is going to make our urban centers far more dangerous for the average American.  Looters like this won't hesitate to go through or over you if they have to, to make their getaway.  They hold the law in contempt, and they regard those who are law-abiding as sheep to be sheared.

Over the years I've written several articles about the dangers to be expected in urban centers, shopping malls, etc., particularly from "flash mobs" of looters.  A selection of my previous articles includes (but is not limited to):

If you live in a city run by a liberal, left-wing administration, or one where police are threatened with "defunding", or one where progressive prosecutors refuse to charge criminals appropriately for their crimes, you need to take note of this new and growing criminal trend.  It's going to pose a threat to your personal safety, and that of your family, every time you go shopping at a store or mall that might be an attractive target for those looters.  What's more, if you defend yourself against them, you're more likely to be charged than they are.  After all, in such places, it's politically incorrect to defend yourself!

Another part of the problem is that in some cities, such incidents won't be officially reported.  It's considered expedient to sweep them under the carpet, rather than alarm the citizens.  I'm informed that there've been a number of such incidents in Big Urban Center a couple of hours away from my home, which have never made the headlines for that reason.  Therefore, you may not know that the risk of encountering organized looters in your area is increasing.

Food for thought, no?



McChuck said...

About 25-30 years ago, the shopping mall near where I lived had a real problem with robberies and carjackings in the parking lot between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The next year, they hired SWAT officers to stand guard on the roof. After they shot the third villain, robberies dropped off to nothing.

We know what works. What we lack is the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing.

Uncle Lar said...

Heard on Fox yesterday a report that LEOs in (I think) California metro areas had been given explicit permission to augment their salaries by moonlighting as store security for shopkeepers. Key element is their being allowed to do so in uniform and fully armed. One point made was how long would businesses tolerate having to pay twice for the same service, once in taxes and again in direct payments.
Will mention that during a period a few years back when car jacking became so common there were few if any cases of it in Alabama. And in Florida jackers preyed exclusively on rented cars hired by travelers coming into airports. Message being jackers avoided areas where there was a high probability that the driver might be armed.
In totally unrelated news (snerk) CVS recently announced the closing of 900 underperforming stores. Any bets on how many of those are in West Coast states and blue cities?

Maniac said...

Too lazy to look up his name, but I'm thinking that the black shooter who was released on bail is just one of many instances in which Democrats will turn a blind eye to black violence - which, as we've seen, is the majority of instances.

STxAR said...

After Katrina moved a lot of gang members to Houston, they did what they do there. And were shocked that it wasn't a 60 day murder like in NO. It was 25 to life.

I seem to recall a country that made bank robbery a capital crime. They caught a robber, tried him, and hung him in less than a week. Lots of news about it. And bank robberies dropped to almost nothing.

Eccl 8:11 Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the children of man is fully set to do evil. ESV

Bob NC said...

You would think that anyone with a working brain, and the means to do so, would have moved away from any major city by now - blue state or not, because violence will eventually spread even to big cities in red states.
But normalcy bias is much stronger than we realize.

Flugelman said...

You're right about them hiding the occurrences of mob thefts. As someone who resides in the suburbs of the Big Urban Center of which you speak, I have heard nothing about a flash mob here. And I pretty much stay up to date on the local news. I usually go armed but it would be nice to know areas to avoid.

Jonathan H said...

Many people look at jobs, salaries, and other amenities with or above safety trends... Like you, I think that's poor decision making.
I was rural, I just moved more rural - where I am now, we don't have homeless, and we have very little LEO presence.

SQT said...

I hadn’t been to the mall in forever until a couple weeks ago and did notice a larger security presence than ever before. I don’t know why anyone is still living in San Francisco. The horrible policies have made that city virtually uninhabitable.

Jack said...

Aesop said...

It's only Frisco, which city is also the County of.

Everywhere else in CA, looters are shot, and shoplifters are prosecuted, like always.

When Frisco is entirely a desert, devoid of life, it'll be a good start.
We needed a replacement for Alcatraz, so it may as well be the entire city. Bulldoze it flat, and build a wall around it. Leave them a pedestrian walkway to the middle of the Golden Gate, with high tide times listed, and a diving board exit over the side at the mid-point. No parole.

Coming soon: John Carpenter's Escape From San Francisco.
In this one, Snake Plisken sets off a nuclear weapon deep in the San Andreas fault, and wipes out all the criminals inside in about 5 minutes.

SQT said...

@Aesop I have heard from friends in L.A. it’s happening down there too. I have another friend in Minnesota that says the phenomenon is catching on there as well. I think any place run by democrats is seems as criminal friendly.

I was at a Safeway recently and there was a guy blatantly taking stuff off shelves and putting items into bag knowing that no one would stop him. Other customers in the store were livid but the employees were powerless to do anything about it.

Nahanni said...

Back in the '80's,/early '90's Houston was experiencing the same kind of thing at convenience stores.

Their solution to the problem?

Shotgun squads? There'd be guys sitting in the backrooms of random stores. If a robber/robbers tried to loot the store they'd come out and open fire. That crap stopped quickly after a couple of them were turned into dog food.