Friday, December 10, 2021

Sometimes an article will bring a tear to your eye


This one did, to mine.

On Dec. 2, Haley and her husband Jb Parke welcomed their newborn son John Beeson Parke (Jb), three weeks early.

The Sunday before, her husband was admitted to the hospital with complications from cancer.

While the couple thought they had 6 months, they found out on Wednesday that it would just be a matter of days.

“With our second son’s due date 3 weeks away, my husband and I knew asking for an induction was the right thing to do. Without hesitation, the team of ICU doctors communicated with the head of high risk labor and delivery doctors. They offered me an induction as soon as I was ready,” Haley wrote.

The induction process began, but Jb’s condition was declining fast as of Thursday morning, so the medical team worked quickly to deliver the baby via a c-section.

“In a matter of literally one minute, I was in the OR, and in just a short 20 minutes later, our son was born. He was given to me for a quick kiss, and then a team of doctors and nurses ran him up 2 floors, and he was placed on his daddy’s chest,” she wrote.

Once the baby was placed on Jb’s chest, Haley wrote that her husband’s vitals instantly improved, and he was able to acknowledge their new precious son.

Jb’s last moments were spent with his newborn son and his wife in his hospital room.

Haley said Jb took his last breaths with their son on his chest and her hand in his.

The couple hadn’t picked out a name before their son’s arrival, but Haley wrote that she knew the right thing to do was honor her husband, and named him John Beeson Parke (Jb).

There's more at the link.

A fund-raiser has been set up for the family.  If you click over there, you can read a longer, more detailed account of events by Haley Parke.  I think this is one fundraiser anyone in his or her right mind can support, and I'll be doing so.  How about you, readers?

May John Beeson Parke the elder rest in peace;  and may his son grow up to be a Godly man, to carry on the work that his father had to lay down.  May John's wife and John Jr.'s mother, Haley, be blessed for her very special contribution to both the life and the death of her loved ones, and may she find comfort and strength in the days ahead.



Joe said...

I experienced all encompassing RAGE that if ANYBODY was to block me or get in my way, I was going to rip them apart.
My grandson was full term and passed in my daughter's womb and the hospital gave us a hard time in wanting a natural birth to a sessaran.
The hospital decided to have a get to know your child session for the stillborn and my daughter which was the worst thing possible for her as her baby had suffocated in the womb and had blue lips.
Needless to say, when it was time to take the stillborn away, to bring it to the nursing station halfway across the hospital was that encompassing RAGE was felt to get this done for my daughter at all costs.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Poignant,, and of course the inevitable tear.

Jim said...

Made a donation.

Dragon Lady said...

Damn onion cutting ninjas...

SQT said...

Heartbreaking and yet it gives me some faith in humanity to see the hospital staff work so hard to make sure the father had time with the baby before he was gone.

Now we need to pray for the mom that has to raise the child without his father.