Friday, December 17, 2021

"Perverts and fetishists psychologically manipulating and abusing children"


That's what fellow blogger J. Kb, writing at Gun Free Zone, calls aggressive recruitment and propaganda campaigns by California teachers to persuade children that they're either gay and/or transgender.  His conclusion:

Let me be clear, this is not teachers helping troubled kids.

This is perverts and fetishists psychologically manipulating and abusing children.

This is groomer behavior.

For a long time the LGBT community swore up and down they were not child molesters out to get your kids.

As it turns out the activist LGBT community really is out to get your kids and turn them into abused gender-confused sexual playthings.

This is coordinated and orchestrated evil.

There's more at the link.

Reading the articles to which he links to provide evidence, I can't disagree with a word he says.  This is evil, pure and simple.  The trouble is, those who engage in it don't regard themselves or their actions as evil.  They've abandoned conventional "morality", regarding it as old-fashioned and themselves as above its restrictions.  They probably truly believe that they're right to do what they do, and right to encourage the children under their care to explore alternative sexuality and life choices.

When you're dealing with people like that, "true believers" who regard their actions and choices as "normal" and justifiable, there's no common ground on which to negotiate.  They'll regard you as a hopeless stick-in-the-mud, and see their duty as being to "liberate" your children from your "malign influence".  People like me, on the other hand, see things precisely the other way around.  We intend to "liberate" our children from the malign influence of teachers like that - and we're willing to do so by any and all means necessary.

I suggest that to put our kids into public schools today, knowing in advance that they're going to be subject to such pressures, is nothing more or less than child abuse.  They deserve better, and we owe them better.

I further suggest that allowing such teachers to remain in office, knowing in advance what they're going to try to do to all the children in their care, is also child abuse.  Any means necessary to do so are, in my opinion, justified.  The authorities and the law may disagree . . . but they're not the ones responsible for "training up a child in the way he should go".  I wish there were more parents who would observe that precept - and teachers, too.

J. Kb.'s final observation:

California is in desperate need of house cleaning with woodchippers.

It's hard to disagree.



Paul said...

This is why you should pay attention to who is on your school board. And if you have no kids or your kids are through school you still need to pay attention. That is how they are killing America.

Jonathan H said...

The push is bad in California, but it is happening in many places, unfortunately.
When coupled with poor education that makes people easier to manipulate, it portends a worrying future.

1chota said...

Pedophiles are 100% recidivists.
The only remedy is a "Russian beauty mark".

kurt9 said...

The association of male homosexuality with pedophilia is a well-known correlation that goes back to antiquity (e.g. the Greeks). Any reasonable society allows for adults to do what they want with themselves, but establishes a strict society firewall between the alternative sexual community and the having and raising of children. That the LGBT community is obsessed with dismantling this firewall is evidence in and of itself of their true intent.

Old NFO said...

Concur! And it's 'Indian' beauty mark.

Paul, Dammit! said...

It's not just public schools, sadly. My son is in a private school. He was recently given a written warning requiring my signature for using gender-specific pronouns. The school requires all references to 'He' or 'she' be eliminated, and singular people referred to universally as 'they' for some reason.

I called the teacher in question to tell her that I was not signing the form, as I would not be part of teaching my son to speak incorrectly and stigmatizing him when he enters the real world in 6 months. I was as polite as possible, but I made the point that nobody in the real world speaks like that and doing so will place my son at a competitive disadvantage in any workplace or environment.
I got a 'well, he will have to follow the rules and we will have to agree to disagree' BS. Best I could do, not wanting to sandbag my kid, was to say 'No, I'm not recognizing that you have a ressonable point, and I'm far better educated than you are, so I concede nothing. Please don't contact me with bullshit again."

MNW said...

I have been told by more than one person in the education industrial complex that the amount of sexual abuse that is covered up by administrators and the NEA would make the Catholic priest scandle look small.

Ideologically, the schools that curn these teachers out and the administrators all are OK with it.

Let's be honest: should we really want sombody who has never really been outside of a school environment from the age of 5 to 25 teaching our children? Some of the best teachers i had were ones who are doing it as a second career.

Eric Wilner said...

"Soul stealers, soul stealers, resist them if you can!" (source)

An additional datum, fresh today: apparently the Pfizer not-a-vaxx does not produce a satisfactory immune response in the very young, so the next thing to try will be a three-dose regimen. Yes, in addition to hiding their faces, keeping apart from one another, not playing, and all the rest, little kids will be expected to submit to three (for starters) pointless injections of Mystery Goo.

Eric Wilner said...

Oh, yes: and several flavors of "this is our secret, just at school, and don't tell your parents."
Totalitarians (Communist or otherwise) can't tolerate other loyalties, so they always work at destroying family structures.

Bibliotheca Servare said...

Can't say it enough: Public School is child abuse! Also satanic.

froginblender said...

Why are homosexuals allowed to adopt? Equal rights?

No Mr. Limpwrist, adoption is not and never has been for the benefit of the adopting parents; it's got nothing to do with the "rights" of adults. Its sole purpose is to benefit the child. And other things being equal, a child adopted into a same-sex "marriage" will always be at a disadvantage compared to a child adopted by a married heterosexual couple.

Maniac said...

"Slippery slope." It wasn't just a slogan.

Bibliotheca Servare said...

And it's not a fallacy. It's empirically established fact. Every "hysterical warning" by the "backwards, unenlightened" people, about where each step of "progress" would lead? They've come true. And now some states will take your kids away if you don't use it he right pronouns or let them be mutilated. Crucifixions when? Not soon enough.