Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Just in case you weren't listening earlier...


... when I spoke about crime, security and self-defense, Tucker Carlson makes the point again.

The transcript is available here.  A quick quote to whet your appetite:

The reason we have societies in the first place, which is to protect the weak from the strong. That's where you have a society. Well, in places like this, it becomes, among many other things, very hard to travel anywhere. You just can't go where you want to go. With legitimate authority in retreat, roads are not controlled by the police. They're controlled by armed predators and the armed predators take exactly what they want from travelers because they can.  

This is an ancient problem. It used to be called highway robbery, and for most of history, it kept people very close to home. Turns out it still exists, but now it's called carjacking. Carjacking is the clearest possible sign that your civilization is falling apart and that's why you find it in places like Somalia and South Africa, places where force, violence and clan loyalty have replaced law and order, places where might makes right.

There's more at the link.  Sounds a lot like some major American cities, doesn't it?

I can only suggest you re-read some of the articles I've written recently about the reality of crime in our cities:

The amoral violence and blind outrage is mind-boggling

It's a real and very present danger to all of us.  Forewarned is forearmed.



Rick T said...

Locking your car doors is paramount, and pretty much all cars have either centrally controlled locks or automatic locking as a feature.

Next is disabling the idiot 'feature' to automatically unlock your doors when the vehicle goes into Park.

Carteach said...

Common sense goes a long way on the personal level, but I think you are correct to note this as a symptom of society as well as a personal threat.

Now in my wee little county, about 14% of the population has carry permits and weapon ownership runs closer to 70%. No carjacking around here I can recall.

Gerry said...

"The reason we have societies in the first place, which is to protect the weak from the strong."

I don't know if I accept that premise. Societies are formed for mutual benefit in trade, labor and defense. Criminal societies are set up to prey on the weak. In a jaundiced view, societies are set up to maintain the status quo, allowing those in power to stay in power.

John in Indy said...

"Defensive driving" now means leaving 1.5 car lengths between your car and the one in front of you at a light, not being in a middle lane, and taking off at high speed if anyone approaches you. :-《

Jonathan H said...

Check to make sure your car supports changing those options; not all do

Brad_in_IL said...

Latoya the Destroyah sounds a LOT like Chicago mayor Lightfoot.
And then there's Cook County State's Attorney "Catch & Release" Kim Foxx.
And Sheriff Tom Dart
And Gov. JB Pritzker

KevinM said...

I got to get together with a cousin doing a movie shoot in New Orleans this past W/E.She is from LA in Kali asked her about the crime she has not been that concerned she did say after a shoot an coming home @3/4am red lights no one present is a go keep driving.She lives close to the French Quarter a couple blocks to the N probably more police presence.I as a white male will not visit N.O. and have not for three years and I love the D-Day Museum.