Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Forgive and forget? In this case, NO WAY!!!


I see that the Atlantic wants us to forgive and forget all the mistakes made over COVID-19.


Hmmm . . . let's see now:

  • Thousands killed in nursing-homes by deliberate government policies?
  • Untold millions of children affected in their development by mask policies that were unnecessary, ineffectual and unscientific?
  • Millions of people ostracized, vilified and scorned for refusing to adopt a "knee-jerk" emotional reaction to the situation, and instead demanding facts and rigorous investigation before acting?
  • Vaccines that have proved not just utterly ineffectual, but actually dangerous to many of their recipients, including a vast number of adverse reactions ranging from fertility problems, to cancer, to heart conditions, to death?
  • Hitlerian policies forced upon us by jackbooted thugs disguised as politicians?

This isn't a matter of faith, where forgiveness is required - it's crime and punishment.  After every person responsible has been dismissed from their office(s), or defeated in elections, and disbarred from ever again holding any appointed or elected public office, and put on trial for what they did, and punished... when all that's taken place, and they no longer pose a threat to my or society's well-being, then we can talk about forgiveness.  I suggest that our post-COVID-19 response should be along the same lines as the de-Nazification of Germany after World War II (provided it's done more thoroughly and more quickly).

I think I'll let Ace Of Spades summarize my further response.  Go read.


EDITED TO ADD:  The Good Citizen has some apposite comments.  Go read.


Andrew Smith said...

Forgiveness is nice. Justice is mandatory, else all can do what they wish and then demand that the good people forgive them.

EricW said...

We’re a long way from forgiving, never mind forgetting.

These fools are still persecuting vaxx-deniers, in some areas still trying to fire them, refusing to admit responsibility for harm, the border is still closed to non-vaxxed. But now un-vaxxed nurses can come back to their jobs - just don’t ask for back-pay.

Justice will be done eventually. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long or it will come in the form of nooses and bullets.

Xoph said...

What was done wrong and how should the next pandemic be treated? Can we have that discussion?

Because then the next question is things like masks, if they didn't work this time, how did the mask deniers know they didn't work? The answer is 40 year old studies. What? - That's right. (Just saw a man on with 2 masks today at the store-cloth masks, not even N95)

What about MRNA vaccines - You mean they never worked for their entire development, eventually killing the test animals but they are okay now. What?

Consequences are the only thing that will mitigate (not prevent) this kind of behavior in the future. Only consequences change behavior. You want me to forgive and move on? Face the consequences of your actions and show me (not tell me) what you have learned. Start by pulling the recommendation for kids to be vaccinated.

Also, let's have some real studies on damage done by the vaxx to people's hearts. Is it progressive? I'm the only one in my family that said no to the vaccine. What does this mean for my family? The word is still not getting out via main stream media, my mother still thinks I'm a bad person for not getting vaxxed (apparently even though I am 59 I want all old people to die). There are questions on cancer rates, still births, infertility and blood clots. Answer the questions!

It was all the vaxx, never lose weight, take vitamin D, get sunshine, exercise or other things to boost the immune system. No recognition of natural immunity. Let's not even talk about the cheap drugs that were ridiculed (horse dewormer).

So we haven't even started on fixing the damage, let alone the consequences. Forgiveness - when you show you have repented and mean it, but not until then. Oh, and think how much you have broken our trust and how much work it will take to even get a shard of trust back.

Bobo the Hobo said...

This makes me furious. Forgive? Kiss my ass!

My sister was denied family contact and subsequently spiraled further into dementia; every progress she previously made was wiped out. She was emotionally stolen from our family.

Another sister was denied religious worship for over 18 months because of this. She was denied the opportunity to fully worship, denied the Body of Christ, and denied spiritual comfort because of this. She was also denied the opportunity to participate in and share with our sister said religious practices as a Eucharistic Layman because of this.

My brother-in-law-law was denied the ability to visit his dying mother. He was prevented from even seeing her; his mother died alone because of this.

My husband was denied the opportunity to visit his mother because of this. He could not bring her dog, the only living thing she is truly interested in but could not have because of this.

But hey, we have tic-tok videos of dancing nurses so we’re good, right?

To say I am furious is making light of my emotions as I have no vocabulary to express my outrage. I sincerely pray there is a hell because there are so many people who righteously deserve it. May their actions forever be remembered and may they rot in that place of eternal damnation.

Chris Nelson said...

Forgive? This was intentional genocide and world economic destruction.

After all their heads are on pikes, assets seized, and their families are sold into servitude, I might say a final prayer for their souls.

Eric Wilner said...

My suggestion of the day is that we take a page from the Left's playbook, and agree to "amnesty" but redefine "amnesty" to be synonymous with "Nuremberg Tribunal."
The Rope of Forgiveness awaits.

coyoteken48 said...

I will forgive individuals when they apologize to me and all others that they have harmed and repent. Forgiveness requires confession and repentance.---ken

JG said...

COVID came from China. The sick rate was very low and death rate even lower, as it mostly affected older people above 60. There was many Doctors on the internet that said it could be cured cheaply and quickly via HQC+Ivermectin+Z-pack but these doctors were pulled off the internet quickly.

Much later Big Pharma produced vaccines for "fixing" COVID, they are made in China, are actually "Emergency Drugs" per the US government and the US government gave Big Pharma freedom from being sued.

These vaccines were not made like normal vaccines. these were made as mRNA drugs, which change the DNA. They also were not tested before being given to humans. The US government pushed these drugs on the people as did Corporations. Hospitals and Doctors got paid for any work on people with COVID by the US government.

Normally vaccines are made from a small sample of the virus, then tested in animals, fixed, then tested in humans. Once there is only 100 problems it is given to the general public.

In this case this general pattern was not followed. We have the Nuremberg Code and the US Law written to follow it, but it was not followed. All people involved in all levels of government, Corporations, Hospitals, and Medical that did not follow it should be arrested under it.

heresolong said...

They spent two years hoping publicly that the un-vaccinated would die. I can't forgive that without some sort of actual acknowledgement from them that they were wrong and horrific. They spent two years plus keeping me from seeing my 80+ year old parents because I am un-vaccinated. I can't ever forgive that. These same people allowed Americans to be killed and injured and their property destroyed through their support for the BLM/Antifa riots. I can't imagine forgiving that because I don't believe that they actually think they were wrong.

Once again these people, call them what you will, attempt to destroy our lives and then want to know why we can't all get along. Meanwhile the same people are still demanding that we cede power to them through sham outrage like we see around Nancy Pelosi's pysychotic attacker.

Justin_O_Guy said...

We were heartless conspiracy theorists, willing to selfishly watch gramma die. They wanted us expelled from society. Wanted us to Die.
Yeah, fukkoff..

BillB said...

At first, I want to use language that can not be published here to describe these people. I can say that they are the lowest of the pond scum on the bottom of the pond. I agree with all said above. Until They repent and forgive all of us who disagreed with them, I will withhold my forgiveness. I, as a Christian, will pray for their repentance. I just don't think they will ever turn from their Evil Ways.

Mind your own business said...

If I were to be like the Covidiots, I would say that anyone who voluntarily took the vaccines and develops myocarditis be denied future treatment for it. Why take up valuable and limited medical resources for something that was self-inflicted? Same goes for any of the other adverse effects of the mRNA.

That's the level of social vindictiveness that was displayed to those of us that refused the mRNA vaccines. Payback's a bitch.

boron said...

Nah! y'all got it all wrong. Emily Oster, the author, advising amnesty, has written an April Fool's treatise. Y' jus' gotta read it; it was written a la "MAD" magazine

Unknown said...

I'd bet that the 'forgiveness' they want is all one-sided, they don't intend to forgive the authors of The Great Barrington Declaration, they don't intend to lift their vax mandates, give people who were fired for not getting the jab their jobs back (with back pay), etc.

boron said...

@ Emily Oster (Atlantic)
You want me to show forgiveness: well, I'll tell you what. I have to go to the hospital every three weeks for infusions, but, before I'm allowed entry, I have to put on an approved mask (not that I have difficulty breathing, as it is).
Of course, as has been well well-known, by anyone who can read a scientific treatise written on an 8th grade level, the diameter of the virus is 0.4 microns and the smallest pore on the best "approved" masks is 80 microns, which, as my nephew so kindly pointed out, is like putting up a chicken wire fence in his back yard to keep the mosquitos out.
When I can walk around freely in all states of the United States of America, without a mask, when I can walk down the street without looking like a criminal getting ready to rob a store, when I can have a conversaation with another person without having to ask them to repeat what they've just said, when you apologize to me (and the rest of the 300+ million people in this country) for telling such lies, for turning The Atlantic into the equivalent of a Superman comic book, then, and only then, will I consider forgiveness. In the meantime, I suggest you read Dante's well-known work about the hereafter (or Sayer's translation); or if you prefer, Pournelle rewrote and updated the first part as a book titled "Inferno".

McChuck said...

"Amnesty for me, but not for thee." That's what the Left is calling for.

"We have to put these fights aside and declare a pandemic amnesty. We can leave out the willful purveyors of actual misinformation while forgiving the hard calls that people had no choice but to make with imperfect knowledge."

Remember, to the Left, the truth is "misinformation."

J. C. Salomon said...

Response I’ve seen:

Will said...

Bear in mind that Fauci attempted to PATENT the vaxx back in '06 !!! They knew what the effects of taking it would do to the public. There was no heroic rush to develop the vaxx after it hit the US, that was total bull crap. (no patent was issued because it met NONE of the necessary attributes of a vaccine)

BTW, Fauci's patent trail on covid19 starts in '98, IIRC. Something like 160 patents. This mess was in process for a long time!

NO FORGIVENESS, it was entirely deliberate.

Plague Monk said...

I had to give up an almost 40 year career in a field that I immensely enjoyed(most of the time) because of this, and I still can't find professional employment in SW Ohio, so I'm essentially retired ten years earlier than I wanted to. Yes, I'm home with my wonderful wife, but I miss the work and the paychecks.
As far as forgiveness is concerned, let's just say that Silverdeth over at Gab speaks for me:

Plague Monk

froginblender said...

I vacillate between demanding Nuremberg Trials 2.0, concluding in public hangings, and a version of South-Africa's post-apartheid "truth commissions": amnesty for wrongdoers, but only after they have made a full confession of their crimes.

What they want is unconditional amnesty, so they face no accountability and no consequences, and are free to do it all over again.