Wednesday, November 30, 2022

mRNA vaccination and cancer rates


From Michael Yon:


I tried to schedule a routine mammogram for the wife today. I found out that medical imaging companies are 'experiencing record call volumes'. Their offer to leave a number and receive a call-back promised a return call. Next week.

Why the explosion in imaging requests? Apparently the COVID-19 kill shot is driving cancer vertical, per a discussion I had with an MD friend. In fact, the gigantic Rockefeller cancer industry is being overwhelmed worldwide. The doc told me, "I'm seeing an explosion of cancers in my patients who decided to take the clot shot. It's going crazy. Like nothing I've ever seen in 40 years of medical practice. The exception appears to be someone who took the clot shot and did not get cancer. Yet."

They wanted me to PAY IN ADVANCE to book the appointment. When I asked what that cost, she gave me three different price points, for a 2-D mammogram, a 3-D mammogram and some other odd thing. When I asked how I would decide which would be best, without any knowledge of medicine, she said she'd ask the doctor (how does even the doctor know, without first seeing the patient?) then she just hung up.

Anecdotal evidence?  Yes . . . but it's not the only report of that kind that I've read or heard about.  I think we're nowhere near seeing the full, disastrous impact of the mRNA COVID-19 "vaccines" (which might more correctly be termed a "biological weapon", in the light of such news).  Igor Chudov reports a "9-Sigma increase" in cancer rates in the USA, but that's not an "official" report.  Strangely, "official" sources don't even deny what he claims - they just clam up about it.  It's as if the issue did not exist, as far as the medical "establishment" is concerned.

What's even worse is the number of gynecologists and others who are "anecdotally" reporting serious, if not devastating, effects from the "clot shot" on female fertility and pregnancy.  It's said that the proportion of fetal abnormalities, miscarriages, stillbirths and post-natal fatalities is significantly higher than usual.  Official and "authoritative" sources flatly deny such "rumors", and Internet searches from major search engines focus heavily on such denials:  but the question is whether they can be believed.  (Methinks such sources protest too much.)  OpenVAERS has some useful data, but that's only going by what's actually entered into the VAERS database - and it's said that there's significant underreporting of such data.  See, for example, here and here for more information.

Dear readers, are you hearing reports about this sort of thing, in any medical field?  If so, please tell us about them in Comments.  It looks like the only real, meaningful information out there is going to come from those who've experienced them, because "official" sources are either vehement in their denials or deafening in their silence.


EDITED TO ADD:  It's not just cancer or reproductive health.  See what Aesop has to say about vaxx-related encounters over the holiday weekend in the ER where he works.  Makes you think . . . doesn't it?


Dad said...

A young (late 30s) firefighter/paramedic friend, in excellent physical condition. In August, he ran in the Leadville 100 race, 100 miles in the Colorado mountains. Had a stroke a couple of days ago. Got to the hospital promptly, looks like he'll be ok with no deficiencies. Another friend, older, in his 60s. Never smoked, never chewed, just diagnosed with oral cancer.

Anecdotal? By themselves, yeah. But two flakes of snow don't amount to much, but get enough and an avalanche happens.

Divemedic said...

Cancer cases do appear to be rising. On average, we have to tell 2 or 3 people a day that they have cancer. Of course anecdotes aren't data, but I do wonder what the data shows. I'm not sure that we will ever know the answer to that, however.

Maniac said...

It seems that every time I click on Yahoo! News I see another case of some person of prominence that has "died suddenly."

Rumor has it that many single women are hiding their vax status because they suspect that they're infertile as a result of them.

Not going to end well, I think.

ontoiran said...

the problem with the "official numbers" is just that. i have gotten to the point where i just assume that if it comes from the government, a government agency, or any msm; it's a lie or at best not the whole story

Dov Sar said...

About 6 months after the C shot came out, I went to get a mammogram. The technician asked me if I had had the shot; I said no, to which she replied, "good." I asked why and she told me that everyone who had the shot had lymph nodes that looked cancerous, and I asked her if the shot was causing cancer.......she did not reply. Everyone in that hospital was required to get the shots and all the boosters, and they have known for a long time what it is doing but keep their mouths shut because they will lose their jobs. Several of the medical professionals at that hospital admitted to me privately that they did not want the shot but had to take it because they had to have the job. Others thought it was great and would have volunteered for it.

This is exactly how genocide played out in Nazi Germany, only now the perpetrators are also included among the victims; those going along with mandates in the hospitals.


Just got an email from my daughter's gymnastics school. One of their coaches, a younger woman, had her father "die suddenly and unexpectedly".

I'm also seeing what is, at least on a gut level impression, a significant increase in the number of "Sad News" emails from my synagogue. My shul, alas, has been very active in pushing The Jab.

Bobby Sands said...

You may want to review this gentleman's twitter and blog posts.

Ray - SoCal said...

Gene Therapy is the term Dr. Robert Malone used for the jab.

deb harvey said...

will overwhelm med system with cancer patients to the extent others will have treatment postponed or cancelled
it may collapse the whole system

John in Indy said...

Last year, when I was in a major hospital ER in a large Florida city, I had an argument with the supervising doctor about my continuing refusal to take the clot shot (I already have clotting problems, treated with meds, thanjs), and when I brought up the VAERS reports, she told me, in all seriousness, that because "just anybody can enter a report on VAERS, that "they" had people reviewing those reports and deleting "unreliable" reports.
I also pissed her off with my response to her statement that "she and her 3 kids were all vaccinated". I said that she had my condolunces.
Yes, I'm an asshole. By birth, education, and long experience.

James said...

I was having a discussion with someone who was being contemptuous of "conspiracy Theorists". I asked , "given the last three years, what conspiracy rumors have you heard that you would dismiss out of hand?"
He suddenly had to go and our conversation ended. I don't know that the vaxx was intended to reduce human population, but it wouldn't surprise me if a smoking gun was found tomorrow.


@John in Indy: I believe it's a crime - felony? - to enter a false report.

Xoph said...

My doctor wouldn't see me because I wasn't vaxxed.

The Ethical Skeptic is a hard read but a good source. I've analyzed the CDC data about every 6 months and I think it was in April I saw something funny-he is able to ID the shenanigan's being played.

Type II Diabetes can, if not be cured, at least controlled an mitigated via diet and fasting. The Govt's dietary guidelines are fundamentally the opposite of what is healthy. The medical community really has 0 credibility except for maybe stiches and casts.

SQT said...

@John in Indy- I had a similar experience with a physician’s assistant who tried to talk my (then) 17-year-old son into getting the shot. I went ballistic and thank goodness I did. My kids and I remain unjabbed. Virtually everyone else I know got the shot. One developed bladder cancer. My father-in-law had swollen lymph glands but no cancer yet. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis- average life expectancy 1-3 years. Two of my husband’s clients developed paralysis shortly after the vaxx. I expect many more stories like this to develop among others in my social group over the next few years.

Will said...

A doctor, earlier this year, pointed out that one of the effects of the vaxx was to shut down some of the functions of the immune system. What got his attention was that it stopped nipping the early cancer cells, and that this seemed to result in a cascade of cancer growth that was unprecedented in speed. He noticed that people that had beat a cancer years ago, and had been cancer free for some years, had that same cancer return and overwhelm them in just a few months. Nothing done by doctors seemed to help.