Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday morning music


I recently came across the music of David Arkenstone.  He's been around for a very long time in musical terms, but I hadn't come across him before.  He performs instrumentally rather than vocally, mostly in the "New Age" category, but with frequent excursions into other genres.

I was pointed to his Christmas album, "Winter Fantasy".  I've chosen three tracks from it to illustrate his treatment of classic seasonal themes.

And, as a sample of his non-Christmas-themed music, here's his interpretation of some of the music from Peter Jackson's movie "The Hobbit".

His music is certainly easy listening.  I'm not yet sure whether or not I'm a fan, but what I've heard so far doesn't discourage me.  Certainly, I'd rather hear his music in stores instead of the current Christmas muzak trash!



Paul M said...

We love his music, and so prolific. Great selection this morning.

John in Indy said...

I have loved his music for many years.
Other of my favorite musicians working with similar music are Liz Story, Suzanne Ciani, Larry Carlton, and Georgia Kelly. Many of these are older releases.
And for music on a Celtic theme, Laurie Riley.

Denise L. said...

Look up David Arkenstone | Charlee Brooks "Slip Away" on youtube. I won't publish the link itself, because some of the images with the music might be a bit risque. Mermaid pics. This song brings me to tears every time.

Feral Ferret said...

Accuradio plays a lot of David Arkenstone on their New Age channel and a couple of other channels.. he is an excellent musician.