Thursday, February 7, 2008

The moonbats are at it again . . .


Where did all the moonbats come from over the last half-century or so?

Surely they weren't in existence in such numbers prior to the Sixties?

In San Francisco an organization known as the Global Peace Foundation gathered sufficient signatures to put on the presidential primary ballot a proposal to build a 'global peace center' on the island of Alcatraz (demolishing the historic prison in the process).

The organization's Web site is spectacular in its vagueness of language, lack of logic and reliance on pious platitudes rather than rigorous analysis. A few examples:

Majestic in its Simplicity, Revolutionary as a Political Metaphor, The Global Peace Center Proclaims Global Renaissance!
A New Epoch! A Time of Enduring Peace for All Humanity...

Oh, yeah? Tell that to the tens - hundreds! - of thousands fighting and dying in conflicts all over the world right now. Chad, Darfur, Kenya, Ceylon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, the West Bank, Israel, Turkey, Colombia, Guatemala . . . the list is almost endless. Just how is a building on an island in the Bay going to change anything in any one of those places? Needless to say, no answers are forthcoming.

By Converting Alcatraz Island, a place of pain and suffering,
Into a "JEWEL OF LIGHT". We will activate Powerful Forces for Cooperation, Reconciliation & Healing.

Really? Tell me more. What, precisely, are these forces? Where do they come from? Who will harness and direct their power? How will this be done?

It is our awareness that the Alcatraz Conversion Project will serve as a powerful, empowering, catalytic agent inspiring all Nations and People to come together in co-creating a New World... A World rooted in Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Freedom, Compassion and Creativity.

Hmmm. Seems to me that virtually every world religion has aspired to similar goals over many millennia. None of them have succeeded. Just how, pray tell me, do you propose to succeed where so many have failed before you?

Needless to say, such questions are never answered (or even acknowledged). I've found that those dedicated to such 'causes' usually aren't very good at logical reasoning, rational debate or scientific argument. Let it be said in all honesty, such attributes aren't only found in those committed to projects such as this: they seem to exist in mainstream churches as well, judging by those who seem to think that by governing this country according to the principles of any particular religion (take your pick from an extensive menu) our problems will be solved. History demonstrates categorically (often catastrophically) that this approach doesn't work . . . but the lessons of history are lost on such people.

Fortunately, the moonbats didn't come out to play - er, I mean, vote - in sufficient numbers. The proposal was rejected by 72% of those who cast ballots.

My only question: how on earth did they find 28% to vote in favor of such daftness?

Then again, this is San Francisco we're talking about: home of the Global Orgasm For Peace moonbattery, amongst other stellar initiatives. Must be something in the Bay air . . .



Alison said...

Global Orgasm for Peace? Is this malarky for real? I checked the website and thought someone slipped me a mickey. Lord have mercy (rolls eyes).

Erik said...

They always find places like Alcatraz to use to convert "a place of pain and suffering,

They never seem to do their projects at more obvious examples of "pain and suffering", like Rwanda, Somalia, Kenya, Iraq under Saddam, Afghanistan under Taliban rule, North Korea, and so on...

It's always in a western country, and it's always a "symbol of pain" like Alcatraz.
Alcatraz was a prison! People were sent there due to the pain and suffering they inflicted on others! Yet these people think the convicts "pain" is the important thing, not their victims.

Sailorcurt said...

Why's it always gotta be "Global Peas?" I don't even like peas. Why can't it be about Global Steak or Global Lobster...ooh ooh chocolate...heck, why not even global green beans? That's better than peas.

Anonymous said...


Goddamn Hippies!


Betty said...

Sometimes I wish Kalifornia would be swallowed up by the ocean in an earthquake of epic proportions, but then I fear the survivors would head east and leave their little moonbat droppings everywhere.

mustanger98 on thr said...

"It's always in a western country, and it's always a "symbol of pain" like Alcatraz."

Western countries are the only places where they feel safe and know they can get away with acting stupid like this.

Glenmore said...

I tried that Global Orgasm for Peace. Didn't make world peace, but it was fun trying.
'The journey is the destination.'

cathikin said...

Well, bless their little hearts. And brains.

Anonymous said...

This just demonstrates the same old problem with lefties of any stripe; they think they can change millenia of ingrained human behavior just by passing a law, or a proclomation or just wishing it so.

May be nice-sounding but those children should never be trusted with the reins of power!