Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A solution to illegal immigration?

My buddy Matt has come up with an interesting idea to solve the problem of illegal immigration from Mexico.

Read all about it at his blog, Better And Better.

Guaranteed to give El Presidente and his cronies south of the border a severe case of heartburn and an attack of political diarrhea, I'd say!



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Matt G said...

Laugh all you want; I'm still not sure that I'm joking.

James K. Polk wanted it, and some on-the-scene generals decided that it would be better to respect the sovereignty of the country, instead.

So let them come willingly.

Why would this be a bigger problem than the one before us? Maintain the extant 32 states there. Keep it as a territory, commonwealth, or protectorate, and let them petition for state-by-state status. Sure we'd have another 100M citizens to deal with, but what of it? Relative to resources, we're ahead of the game.