Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Doofus Of The Day #912

I don't normally confer Doofus awards for incidents involving death or serious injury, but today's award just has to go to three particularly inept thieves in Mexico.  (A tip o' the hat to reader George F. for sending me the link to the story.)

Three men boarded a ... bus traveling on the Mexico City-Pachuca highway at 10:00am yesterday ... They ... soon revealed their intentions by ordering the other passengers to hand over their valuables.

But unfortunately for them, one of their number let off a warning shot with a hand gun to frighten their victims. The bullet struck the ceiling of the bus, ricocheted and hit one of the thieves, who staggered from the vehicle and died at the roadside.

About 30 passengers took advantage of the moment to attack the other two assailants. They beat one to death and the other — who survived the blows — was held until authorities arrived on the scene.

There's more at the link.

Not only poor victim selection, but shooting their own comrade in crime?  That's got to be one of the most inept robberies I've ever heard of!



Old NFO said...

Well, he DID save the government some money for a trial and jail cell... :-)

Anonymous said...

Considering that most buses have aluminium skinned roofs that are easily penetrated, that was one very unlucky bandito.


Will said...


might have hit a reinforcing rib, which tend to be steel.

Anonymous said...

And THATS the way to reduce the number of crimes - instant justice, right on the spot. Criminals would be less inclined if faced with that. No time to call the attourney either - one call to the undertaker and family just about covers it.

Wandering Neurons said...

Wait, what??? A gun crime in Mexico? I thought that they were a model of Gun Control or something ridiculous. Who'da thunk it?
Wondering if the weapon could be traced to Project Gun Runner? That'd be great!

Quartermaster said...

3 banditos for one round (theirs) expended. A pretty good deal if you ask me (and you didn't, but I don't care).

Dirk said...

And a perfect example of potential victims not being sheep, but instead, taking responsibility for their own safety, and ending the threat in a way that earns my whole-hearted approval!