Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Space Shuttle as you've never seen it before

This is a fascinating 45-minute compilation of launch and behind-the-scenes video clips from the 30-odd years of the Space Shuttle program.  It's well worth the time of aviation and space enthusiasts to watch it in full.

I'm glad I made it to this country in time for the last decade or so of the Shuttle program.  It was good to get closer to it, and see coverage that generally wasn't available in South Africa.



Anonymous said...

I lived about 30 miles south of there during the 80s. I saw quite a few launches from the side of the road. You didn't hear them so much as feel them. Your chest would vibrate as the Shuttle lifted off.

- Charlie

Snoggeramus said...

Wow. I seriously did not notice the 45 mins go past as I watched all this amazing footage.

SiGraybeard said...

Did you ever get to visit and watch a launch? There really is nothing like it.

Unknown said...

I went with my dad to see one of the last night launches, back in 2006. Truly awe-inspiring; the light, like the world's brightest sodium vapor lamp, and the bass vibration in your chest...

I'm too young to have seen any Saturn launches; the ASTP launch was about six months before I was born. Not having a good point for comparison, I can't really make any. I'm just glad I got to see one in person.

Rick T said...

I got to witness a single engine hot fire test when I worked at Rocketdyne. You FEEL the engine in your chest as much as you hear it, and the exhaust plume (steam) churns better than any Wrath of God special effect from Hollywood..

Stu Garfath, toukley NSW. said...

Hey Snoggs,

What 45 minutes?.
Nah, barely two minutes and a çoldie', the time went that fast!.
Stunning, VERY informative, should be compulsory viewing for every one of my Grandkids!.
TwinStu, Toukley, Central Coast, NSW.