Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pogo sticks on steroids!

When I was a kid, pogo sticks would never perform like this.  I wonder what strength springs they've got inside them?

I'm a bit too old and creaky to try that now, I'm afraid.



Anonymous said...

My first thought was that these pogo sticks didn't have steel springs but were using a gas cylinder. A little googling and I found out they have 'elastomeric thrusters". There's a pic here


Magson said...

And yet I never see guys doing things like this when I'm out and about in Salt Lake. Wrong place at the wrong time, it seems ;-)

HeroHog said...

Remember the ones with the gasoline engine on them?

HeroHog said...

Here is the Gasoline pogo stick I was talking about:

Will said...

Yeah, I'm thinking they are using that "superball" material for rebound.

I'm surprised that they haven't designed a self-centering, ball-joint mounted, rubber lined plate to replace that rubber foot. Might be better when they hit dirt and grass, with more surface area to spread the impact load.

Stretch said...

Insanity takes many forms.