Saturday, June 18, 2016

This sheriff gets it

Amid all the politically correct hysteria from the moonbats over the Orlando terrorist attack, it's refreshing to hear common sense from the Sheriff of Brevard County, Florida.

Hear, hear!  Thank you, sir.



Anonymous said...

One good aid to mental preparation for such an incident is reading the Kipling tale "Red Dog". It seems that many modern editions of "The Jungle Books" omit this story, but it can be found.


Old NFO said...

OH yes!!! :-)

drjim said...

Not just "oh yes", but HELL YES!

deb harvey said...

thanks for posting this!

Darrell said...

OH yes, do not ask what your government can do for You. SEE what YOU can do for YOURSELF

selsey.steve said...

Excellent advice from someone who knows.
Our only problem here in the once-United Kingdom is the fact that if you attack your attacker with overwhelming force you can and will be prosecuted.
Case in point.
Man is awoken at 0300 by a noise downstairs from his bedroom. He goes downstairs to investigate. Someone is breaking into the house through the french doors in the lounge. Man picks up his son's cricket bat and, as the burglar pushes the curtains aside and steps into the room smacks him in the teeth with his best Don Bradman (google him) sweep.
Subsequently he was charged and convicted of Grievous Bodily Harm: the Criminal Prosecution Sevice (the CPS, better known as the Criminal Protection Society)asserted in Court that the crow-bar held by the burglar was 'an instrument of breaking', not a weapon and,as such, the actions of the householder were disproportionate. The sentence? Two years imprisonment for the householder.

JK Brown said...

Keep in mind, in Chattanooga, the police, who were putting forth every effort to stop the killer, were literally right behind the killer, yet he was still able to kill five Marines and sailors.